Wednesday, November 23

PBB UnliNihgt What Biggel do for Love!

In the provinces and old-style courtship, a man had to chop wood and carry buckets of water for his lady love. These days, it doesn’t seem to be enough anymore. Bring in the ice cream!

Biggel has always been vocal about his feelings for Tin.
Kuya noticed that Biggel has taken liberties in putting his hand around Tin’s shoulders. Knowing his love for ice cream, Kuya said, “Hanggang hindi ka natututong gumawa ng ice cream, hindi ka pwedeng umakbay.” Fortunately, Divine has some experience in using an ice cream machine, so she volunteered to help him out. While waiting for the coffee ice cream to freeze, Biggel approached Tin, who was getting homesick. “Magdasal ka na lang,” he comforted her.

He got too comfortable, it seemed, that he again forgot that he couldn’t put his arm around Tin. To remind him, Kuya had him hold a basketball under his arms until he finishes his ice cream task. If it fell, he had to hold on to them longer. Tin continued to be by his side the entire time: giving him water, scratching his head, entertaining him. As they waited, the housemates teased Biggel about his predicament. He was especially called out for his addressing Tin’s dad as “Tito”, instead of the more formal “Sir”. Tired and humiliated at the comments, Biggel walked out on the group. Jaz followed him, as did Tin, to try to calm him down. He refused their pity, though, awkwardly wiping off the tears. “Pasensya na, hindi ako sanay sa edukadong tao, “ he said.

People would truly go to such lengths for someone they care much for. Another housemate, Luz, entered the PBB house for love of family. He loyalty would soon be put to the test. She was called in the Confession Room and was shown a picture of her and her husband of eight years. The next minute, the photo turned blurry and showed the face of a different man. He task was then revealed: to pretend that it was this mystery man who was her husband. “Sigurado ba kayo sa sinasabi niyo, Kuya?” she asked, incredulous.

Relationships are tested, priorities are questioned. The twists never end! Will Luz do as Slater did and beg off, or will she understand the task and see it through? Find out the answer to this and more by watching PBB UnliNight updates, after Nasaan ka Elisa?

Voting is still open! Continue sending in your votes to SAVE or EVICT the week’s nominees: Slater, Kigoy, Tol and Diane. Text BBS to save, or BBE to evict your housemate of choice to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. You can also log on to and vote online.

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