Saturday, January 30

Paul Jake, Tibo say no to sour grapes!

No hard feelings from Paul Jake and Tibo at all. When talked to by Big Brother individually after their loss in the Big Jump to Big Four game, both of them said that the victory was all for Melai to take.

"Hindi para sa akin, Kuya," Paul Jake had said in the confession room. He already mentioned a while back before the game started that he didn't like the task but he was going to make sure he had fun and gave it his best shot. But though he really did give a good fight against Melai and Tibo, his best foot wasn't good enough for the task and was the cause of his toppling over into the swimming pool, which left Tibo and Melai up for the Big Four spot by continuing on standing on one foot with their arms heavily lifted into the air.

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The Melason tandem strikes again!

In playing the game that would ensure a spot in the Big Four, there were five rules Melai had in mind. These were: 1) to focus, 2) to not panic, 3) to control her actions, 4) to control her self and 5) to win. Fortunately for her, these etched in her fight against the two guy housemates, Paul Jake and Tibo, in staying on the platform planted on the swimming pool for almost 11 hours.

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PBB Double Up Primetime Jan. 29 Video!

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Friday, January 29

Ex-PBB housemate Cathy Remperas speaks up about Rica Paras and Paul Jake Castillo!

In her reunion with other ex-housemates as part of the Resbak Attack weekly task in Pinoy Big Brother Double Up, Cathy Remperas learned many revelations about the outside world. The first was that in Rica Paras’s interview on The Buzz, she had said that she was mad at Cathy for nominating her because she was too loud. Rica had even joked that she would shave Cathy’s head should they cross paths. Cathy, who was treated by Rica as a good friend inside Kuya’s house, recently explained to that the nomination process is nothing personal. “Ang totoo sa loob ng bahay ang hirap talagang mag-isip ng reason tuwing nomination. That week napansin ko na sumobra na ‘yung ingay nina Rica at Melisa. ‘Yun na lang ‘yung agad kong naisip. Maingay naman talaga kasi sila. Maraming beses na sinabihan na namin sila na matulog na pero patuloy pa rin ‘yung ingay nila. I was thinking she would be mature enough na i-control ‘yung ingay niya. Also the nomination is nothing personal. For me kahit i-nominate mo ako hindi ako magagalit. Ang nomination is part of being a housemate and it won’t be a reason for me para kalimutan ko ‘yung friendship natin.”

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Melai, pasok na si Big 4!

Grabe na talaga ang pagod ni Melai na kahit siya na ang panalo, wala na siyang nagawa kundi humagulgol. pati si Mariel na nakatutok sa kanya, napaiyak na din. Si Jason, syempre, super happy. Coach daw kasi siya ng panalo, kaya ganon.May mga sikretong malupit pa na pagbibilang itong si Coach Jason, at kung anumang ibig sabihin nun, it worked!

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Tibo, bumigay na!

Give in, surrender, time out, suko na!
Anumang version ang gusto niyo, basta ang ending, bumigay na si Papa Tibs sa laban. Matapos ang mahabang pagsasakripisyo, hanggang congratulations nalang ang kay Papa Tibs for trying his best. Gaya ni Paul Jake, walang bitterness kay Tibo nang siniguro ni Kuya na quit na siya.

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Jason, ninenerbyos na!

Sino nga ba ang hindi ninerbyosin? After 1 minute ng pahinga, pinahirapan pa lalo ni Kuya ang task! This time, isang paa, no shiftng, PLUS nakataas pa ang mga kamay. Good luck naman sa balanse diba?

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Paul Jake, unang out!

Matapos ang over 9 hours na nakatayo, matibay pa din ang tatlo. Pahirap ng pahirap ang endurance task nila. Una pwede pa mag-stretch at umupo, tapos hindi na. Pasado 9 na oras, isang paa na lang ang pwedeng nakatungtong. Matapos ang ilang sandali, isang paa na nga lang, hindi pa pwedeng magpalit ng paa!

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Support Group!

Ilang oras nang nakatayo sina Melai, Tibo at Paul Jake. Buti na lang sinamahan sila ng mga ibang housemates! Mala-camping ang ginawa nila sa gilid ng pool para magpakita ng suporta sa mga friends nila. Sa hirap at ginhawa ito! Kita nyo naman pati si Dengue, nakipag-lamay.

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Walk out!

Yan ang magiging reaction ni Rica pag nanalo si Tibo sa race to the Big Four na nagaganap ngayon. Tsk, tsk. Mukhang di boto si Rica kay Tibo ah... eh what about you, guys, do you think Tibo will make it? Why/ why not?

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Last man (or woman) standing!

Kakaannounce lang ni Big Brother na simula sa oras na ito, bawal nang umupo sina Paul Jake, Melai at Tibo! Kaninong mga binti kaya ang huling bibigay?

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Any song requests?

Para magpalipas ng oras at hindi mainda ang boredom at weariness, nag-iinitiate na lang lagi si Melai along with the other housemates! At grabe, halos lahat na ata ng pwede nilang kantahin kinanta na niya! At dahil mukhang hindi pa gigive up si Melai, meron kaya kayong gustong irequest na kantahin niya? WHY NOT HAHA

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The tough gets going!

as the going gets tough! Sino kaya kina Tibo, Melai at Paul Jake ang tingin niyong pinakamagtatagal sa posisyon nila sa swimming pool at papalaring automatic na makakasama sa Big Four?

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Melisa Cantiveros earns herself a slot in the Big 4

The three contenders for the Big 4 slot bravely faced Kuya’s endurance challenge: to stand atop a small platform in the middle of the pool for an undefined number of hours. No excuses were accepted to leave their roost. The three had to grit their teeth and hold against the call of nature, even if it was to relieve or feed themselves.

They had various strategies for keeping their post. Melai distracted herself with singing, Tibo chose minimal movement, Paul Jake massaged his frozen joints. All three tried stretching their limbs by crouching, taking care not to let other body parts touch the platform, aside from their feet. They kept warm from the sharp nip of the air by layering clothing and blankets. Nine hours after, all three were still standing strong.

The remaining housemates kept vigil over them, camping by the poolside. They kept the stories flowing and regaled their friends with jokes. Jason led the rest in an ongoing serenade. They cheered the three on and kept them going. For what or for whom did they endure such sacrifice? Paul Jake and Melai did it for themselves, their family and those who believed in them. Tibo thought nothing of himself, but offered the moment for his family.

A few minutes past the ninth hour and Kuya decided to push the housemates harder: only one leg was allowed on top of the platform! Though shifting legs was allowed, they had to focus on keeping their balance along with dealing with fatigue and natural factors. After a few moments, Kuya granted them a minute of rest, after which his instructions got even harder. Only the best leg could be used, with no shifting allowed.

Paul Jake could feel his strength waning, and apologized minutes before he plopped into the water. It’s been a hard day’s night for all three, but soon it was down to Melai and Tibo, standing on their best leg to the end. After another bout of rest, Kuya ups the challenge by making them lift their arms, too! Almost an hour passed with both holding on tight, but in the end, Tibo chooses to give up, leaving Melai as the last housemate standing! Too exhausted, Melai broke down in tears while the rest finally got to heave a sigh of relief.

Looks like we have one slot filled for the Big Four! Who will own the remaining three, just wait and see. Stay glued to the portals and keep watching PBB Double Up!

Source: Stephanie Manhit,

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Two more missions for the Kuya's Darlings!

Fiery Darling Princess talking to her favorite enemy Mariel? Loud Darling Yuri and silent Johan in one jacuzzi tub together? Whoa, the missions of these darlings just keep on getting more challenging and - dare we say? - breath-taking!

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Last housemate standing!

Only three remained to battle it out for the assured slot in the Big Four. Outfitted in shiny hooded cloaks, the three housemates prepared for their final task that would decide their fate. Kuya announced their entrance to the poolside area as if it were Manny Pacquaio entering the ring; such was the gravity of their last challenge for the week. He welcomed Paul Jake “Jiggling” Castillo who was cloaked in red, Melisa “Inday Cactus” Cantiveros in yellow silk, and Tibo “Man of Steel” Jumalon in glittery white. With Yuri, Jason and Kath serving as their personal assistants respectively, the game was set to begin.

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Thursday, January 28

Sam Pinto puzzled by Jake Cuenca's 'No comment' statement!

Immediately after her eviction from the Pinoy Big Brother house, ex-housemate Sam Pinto braved the press with her sizzling-hot revelation regarding her past relationship with actor Jake Cuenca. Without hesitation, she declared that both of them used to date—a claim that Jake has not yet confirmed.

Just a few weeks ago, SNN had a chance to personally ask Jake regarding the issue; but surprisingly, he didn’t give out a black and white answer that would either support or deny Sam’s confession. Instead of phrasing a reply, he tried to immediately change the subject with his dubious smiles and said “No comment.”

When asked about Jake’s rather unexpected reaction, Sam herself admitted that she is pretty puzzled with the actor’s alibi. She explained that she finds no reason for him to avoid the said issue since both of them know for a fact that her statement is legitimately true.

To further support this, she even shared her recent conversation with Jake, which is basically related with the controversy. She said, “Tinanong ko siya (Jake) e. Nag-text ako sa kanya, ‘Okay lang ba talaga [na inamin ko]?’ Tapos sabi niya, ‘Yeah. Super fine. Don’t worry about it.’ So sabi ko, ‘Okay.’”

Source: Heidi Anicete,

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Ex-PBB housemate Hermes Bautista says he's not a flirt!

During his stint on Pinoy Big Brother Double Up, Hermes Bautista earned a reputation for being a flirt after he became close to most of the female housemates. But in an interview with following his eviction, Hermes clarified that it was never his intention to flirt with anyone inside Kuya’s house. “Hindi ko naman talaga intensyon ‘yun. Siguro ganun lang talaga ako. Wala naman akong pinipili. Nagkataon lang na napalapit ako sa kanila. Siguro ‘yung nakita nila sa akin na pagiging malapit ko sa mga girls tingin nila flirt. Bahala na sila kung ‘yun ang tingin nila. Sorry kung may mga na-offend pero ang totoo wala akong masamang intensyon.”

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Melason in Miss-You-Like-Crazy mode much?

Definitely looked like it! After being separated into different teams in line with the special challenge Big Brother gave them, Melai and Jason have not made any interaction with each other for several days. Even in the previous games like "Hit Me," they didn't even glance or made faces at each other!

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Preacher Mariel!

 Galing naman ni Mariel with Bible stories! It really pays to be the daughter of a pastor, yes? Pero hindi eh, iba tong passion ni Mariel for her faith, which is siguro surprising para sa ibang tao who perceive her as an agressive and loud person. 

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!Samson's weakness

Este, Paul Jake's weakness pala. Si Rica kase naghamon ng Bible Quiz sa mga team mate niya. Siyempre ang anak ng pastor na si Mariel, may advantage pero si Melai at Paul Jake medyo mahina yata.

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No Paul Jake tears for Rica!

With the thought of "Everybody has a weakness," Rica intended to find out what would make Paul Jake shed tears. This was one of the special tasks given to her as one of Kuya's Darlings.

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Paul Jake, Melai and Tibo: who will be part of this season’s Big Four?

Earlier today, Paul Jake worried about the game that would decide who gets the much-coveted slot for the Big Four. Chomping on a sandwich, he shared his concerns with Yuri. This Kuya’s Darling urged him to play to his strengths, assuring him Kuya was not about to give them something as difficult as an algebra equation.

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Top 3: Melai, Tibo, Paul Jake!

Panalo na nga ang Team Paul Jake sa group games, pero ito na ang tunay na face-off. Sa "Who Said?" game, individual na ang labanan. Trivia game 'to sa kung sino ang nagsabi ng mga "quotable quotes". In short, sinong pinakamagaling sumagap ng chika sa loob.

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Ang tanging safe!

Hindi maiwasang mag-comment ni Rica na si Mommy Kath lang ang walang naungkat na tsismis sa lahat ng housemates. Sa trivia game, laglagan ang effect ng mga revelations ni Kuya. Sa mga nagbingi-bingihan, nagbulag-bulagan o nagmamaang-maangan sa mga nangyayari sa loob ng bahay, sorry nalang at nilabas na ni Kuya ang mga "quotable quotes" o mga chika nila sa isa't isa. Lahat ng housemates may chika, except si Mommy Kath. 

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Dahil 3-0 ang lamang ng Team Paul Jake sa Team Johan, ayan, hanggang gilid lang sila during the individual elimination game.

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Drama princesses!

BFF na ata talaga forever tong dalawa! Todo cry2x naman itong si Melai dahil baka (baka lang ha!) umalis na ng bahay si Rica.

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PBB Double Up Primetime Jan. 26 Video!

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Wednesday, January 27

Ex-PBB housemate Cathy Remperas says the Resbak Attack task was hard to do!

Cathy Remperas was evicted from Pinoy Big Brother Double Up two weeks ago, but before she could return to the outside world, Kuya made her a part of the Task Force Resbak Attack. Together with the other ex-housemates, Cathy planned how they would pressure the remaining housemates into showing their true personalities. In her reunion with the other ex-housemates, Cathy heard some news about the outside world. “Si Rob (Stumvoll) ang unang nagkuwento sa akin ng tungkol sa outside world. Sabi niya na nakakagulat daw ‘yung level ng kasikatan ng mga housemates. Kapag nagmo-mall daw sila nakikilala sila ng mga tao. May mga nagpapa-picture. Ang saya saya daw. Tapos may mga guesting pa sila sa The Buzz at ibang shows. Na-excite ako kasi gusto kong ma-experience ‘yun. Ang ikina-shock ko ng sobra e ‘yung sinabi ni Rica (Paras) sa The Buzz na kakalbuhin daw niya ako. Pero alam ko joke lang niya ‘yun,” she told

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Jason go to the lengths of expressing his affection!

Because of the rule of not interacting with the other team, Jason and the rest of the members of Team Johan stayed inside the house while Team Paul Jake busily entertained their guests Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson by the garden area. However, the former team couldn't help but take peeks on what was going on outside. So what Jason did was to be the prime mover in doing something about their helpless starstruck state! First, he opened the glass door so he could have an unobstructed view of Kim and Gerald.

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Kim, Gerald relive their own PBB memories!

Cliche as it may be, but it seemed just yesterday that Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson were only housemates from the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition themselves. But today, just look how far they've gone - from being the Amboy of Gensan and the Chinese Cutie from Cebu, they have become two of the most-sought and looked-up actors in the local entertainment industry! And that was exactly what Big Brother proudly pointed out to them when finally - after four to five years - they got back inside the Big Brother house! "Proud ako sa inyo na dala-dala niyo pa rin ang natutunan niyo mula sa pagstay niyo dito sa bahay ko noon (I'm proud that you still have with yout the lessons you've learned from your stay inside my house)," Big Brother told them. This naturally made the two well up with tears and replied they couldn't have been anymore grateful to Big Brother for letting them stay inside the house back then. "Kung 'di po dahil sa inyo, hindi po namin maaabot 'tong namin ngayon (If it weren't for you, we couldn't have achieved what we have now)," Kim said sincerely.

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Road trip, anyone?

With the end of the season only weeks away, the housemates realized that pretty soon, they’ll truly be parting ways. To counter this, they reverted back to their plans of seeing each other. A road trip to all their hometowns was best, though they decided it would be better to go when there was an occasion. That way, they would be able to experience the culture and eat all the yummy treats already prepared! Given tight scheds, they decided against going to all stops in a single trip. The hassle of rushing and packing would just defeat the purpose of catching up and having fun. Instead, they all agreed to just go to a few places per trip and savor the moment.

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Mariel is the people’s choice for Princess’ new BFF!

The last of this week’s group games happened today. Entitled “Hit Me”, the housemates were faced with a humongous circular board with several holes on them with each having corresponding points. With one housemate spread-eagled on the board and others shooting with water guns, one team member would try to hit the holes with water balloons to gain as much points as possible. Team Paul Jake already had the win by getting 2 of 3 games yesterday. Did Team Johan manage to win this one and grant one team member a shot at the automatic Big 4 slot?

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Bati na?

Nag-usap sina Princess at Mariel! Hinila kase nila Yuri at Mommy Kath si Mariel para kausapin si Princess tungkol kay Tom.

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Ogenki desuka? Watashi wa genki desu. Haha, medyo nadala sa pagniNihonggo nila Princess, Yuri at Johan! Kinabog tayo dun noh? Talagang fluent na tong si Princess; obvious naman sa pakikipagkwentuhan niya kay Yuri.

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Tuesday, January 26

Shall we say hello to the new housemates Kim and Gerald?

Sorry, wrong number, we can't for they aren't going to be additional new old housemates! In truth, Kim and Gerald - who were the big winner and the first runner-up from PBB Teen Edition respectively - just went back into the house to serve as the surprise reward for the victory of Paul Jake's team!

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Nag-iinarteng Jason!

Wow, denial king ang drama ni Jason tonight ah. May open forum kaseng nagaganap among the members of Team Johan at natanong siya ng mga kagrupo niya kung gusto ba daw niyang ligawan si Melai. Eto naman si Jason, sagot lang eh "Hindi ko masasabi yan."

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