Wednesday, November 30

Mga Bagong nominees at voluntary exit!

So many changes have been happening within the house. Some stay, some leave, some move houses. It’s just after the first eviction and already, a voluntary exit. Being in Kuya’s house has finally taken its toll on Jaz, who made the decision to leave in favor of being with her boyfriend. Thankful for the experience and the friendships formed, Jaz has chosen to move onwards to life outside the PBB house. “Team High Voltage for the win! Mahal ko kayong lahat.”

Two others move out of the team, while four others move up their ranks. Deniesse woke up to a mannequin wearing a medal, signifying that the Head of Household challenge was about to begin. Having experienced the strains of their first nomination and the eviction of one of them, the housemates understand the gravity of being named HoH: automatic immunity!

For their Hoh challenge, Fifi was back to test their skills and wit. Each housemate had to maneuver Fifi around the room and through obstacles within five minutes. This was no mean feat, despite having practice before. In the end, four were on top. Carlo, who declared his relationship with Fifi as “love-hate”, managed to get the top spot. Deniesse, Seiichi and Divine followed in the second to the fourth place.

Being HoH also comes with responsibilities. This time, the HoH’s had the burden of choosing people to move to the other house. Though they were immune to the week’s nomination, they were not immune to being chosen in this challenge. Team High Voltage’s strategy was to take out the strong ones, particularly Carlo and Luz, but also wanted to keep Seiichi. The PInoy Anime had expressed interest to go back and shared that he missed the other team. Luz already gave her parting speech, since she had the gut feel that she would be leaving soon. True enough, it was Luz and Seiichi chosen to switch houses and switch loyalties.

Nominations were held again, and this week, three housemates are on the line. Jaz, having 15 votes, was nominated. However, she booted herself out with a voluntary exit, leaving Wendy, Tol, and Casey on the chopping block. Until now, they felt that Wendy wasn’t helping out. Tol, his second time to be nominated, was voted because of his continued lack of socializing, while Casey was thought of to be too emotional with things.

Voting is now officially open! Text BBS to save your housemate of choice of BBE to finally get the housemate you don’t like out of the house. Send it to 2331 for Globe, TM and Sun Cellular or 231 for Smart and Talk N Text.


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