Thursday, November 5

Carol’s revelation and Kätlin’s Pinoy side!

Mariel was joined by Big Brother Finland producer Sammy, who was a local celebrity himself. He revealed that Kätlin had been nominated four times during the start of the season, her nice nature seen as a threat by the others. He also shared that hugging and being really friendly was natural to the Finnish housemate, and should not be misconstrued as flirting or leading someone on. He was, of course, referring to the too-close relationship of Kätlin and Hermes, whom people were already tagging as a possible couple.
Hermes, whom Carol earlier told off for being a flirt, was actually the object of the latter’s affections. While massaging Johan’s hand, Carol revealed that she liked Hermes. Still, she maintained that she was conservative, and would not want to admit her feelings before he did. She showed frustration, though, as she exclaimed, “Manhid ba siya? Bingi? Bulag?” She jokingly requests Kuya to show her revelation to Hermes. Meanwhile, Hermes was busy with spending time with Kätlin, lounging by the pool.

Kätlin was recipient of all-out Filipino hospitality from both households. House A was her chosen host house, and with them, she enjoyed her fiesta-like pool party. Unfortunately, things got a little out of hand as alcohol took over the better senses of Rob and Marielle. After Kuya expressed his disappointment at their inappropriate acts, the two offer to be Kätlin’s servants, waiting on her hand and foot. The others took pleasure in introducing the various vegetables to their Finnish housemate, but was at a loss to find the proper English translation of veggies such as ampalaya and pechay.

Kätlin surprised the housemates of neighboring House B when she showed up early in the morning. She was nevertheless welcomed eagerly by Carol, then toured around by Melai. Despite her difficulty with the English language, Melai was first to exert effort in explaining things to Kätlin. She even attempted to share her love story to her, and surprisingly was able to get her message across.

She was able to take part in several cultural presentations, with the help of both houses. With the week coming to its end, the housemates were hard at work in finalizing their respective programs. Kuya gave them ample time to have a general run-through of their entire program, complete with music, props and spiels. Both team worked around the Filipiniana theme, though they approached it through different angles. House B had several games, such as the sack race and the egg game, both with Kätlin in the winning team. . Kätlin also took part in House A’s food planning, surprisingly putting her own two cents by saying that “manok” was a good choice. There must be a bit more Pinoy in her than you think!

Catch more of Kätlin-Hermes moments as well as the effect of alcohol on Delio. Eavesdrop on Melai's exchange with Big Brother Finland.



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