Saturday, November 7

Kätlin leaves a stuffed dog and memories of sweet kisses with Hermes!

Early this morning, Kätlin finally said goodbye to her temporary housemates as she headed back to her homeland. The housemates stayed up all night to be with her and were on hand to send her off. In the short time she has stayed with them, Kätlin has shared quite a number of memories with the PBB housemates, with one in particular.

Hermes has been tagged as the resident flirt, and the way he related with Kätlin did not really come as a surprise. On Kätlin’s end, the BBF producer himself shared that she was also naturally sweet and charming. Something special seemed to click between the two, though, that was unlike the relationships they formed with the rest of the group. They shared a kiss last night, which was followed by several more this morning. Kätlin also left Hermes her stuffed toy to remind him of her. Hermes promised her that he would take good care of it and would show it to her when they meet again.

Upon waking up, Hermes still could not get the thought of Kätlin off his mind. He seemed melancholy enough to raise the concern of his housemates. Marielle prodded him about his feelings towards the Finnish housemate, and Hermes admitted that his attraction was such that he wanted to get to know her on a deeper level. Of course, he did not expect her to return at once, though he truly hoped she could have stayed longer. They invited her to attend the reunion that they were planning, but the most he could do was to keep hoping.

Kätlin’s exit left more than just Hermes at a loss. Kätlin chose House A as the winner of the weekly task, and though House B claimed that they accepted it, their later discussion showed that they harbored ill feelings about it. Delio, Johan, Melai and Tibo were by the pool, discussing their loss. They had no problem about losing their weekly budget again, but what bothered them no end was the feeling that they were duped. “Nasa atin nga ang hospitality, andoon naman ang love,” explained Delio. The others agreed. They felt that it was not a fair fight, feeling that Hermes’ presence in the other house was a big factor in Kätlin’s decision.

With Kätlin headed back to Finland, Cathy would inevitably be back in Kuya’s house. Cathy would be leaving her host house on Saturday, and would be re-entering the PBB house this Sunday. Don’t miss her bienvenida, and be there to welcome back one of our own!



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