Tuesday, November 3

Kätlin learned the Pandango, while the others prepare a harana!

Kätlin, the newest addition to this season’s housemates, has been treated to a cultural sampling of sorts: fiesta food, traditional dances, and the legendary Pinoy hospitality, among others. Today, she hopped over to House B and was taught how to dance the Pandango sa Ilaw, a folk dance that shows the fusion of Filipino and Spanish traditions. Kätlin was a fast learner, and was quick to follow Melai’s instructions.

Melai, with her colorful descriptions in creative English, was able to give Kätlin a good picture of the various steps. Rica also helped out by keeping count and calling out reminders. Johan was Kätlin’s partner, and the two spinned around smoothly. Delio was eager to put his two cents ink, as always. This time, though, he stepped aside after having said his piece and opened the floor for others’ input. “Sa inyo namang suggestion, ako ang susunod,” he said.
Back at House A, the housemates were busy planning the steps to the folk dances assigned to them. They had to show Kätlin the Tinikling and the Cariñosa, and the girls were racking their brains to think of different dance steps to make each have a distinct flavor. The boys were also busy as they twiddled with the guitar strings, figuring out how to deliver the romantic harana.

Something to watch out for in PBB Double Up Primetime is Kuya’s reprimand of Rob’s inappropriate actions during the party, where the housemate got more than a little drunk. The housemates had time today to speak with Rob, and expressed their own view of his actions. Yuri explained that she understood his western ways, but that was not the way in the Philippines. Despite her exposure to liberal parties, she was still unsure of how to deal with Rob. They have not been together long enough, after all, and in such a state, nothing can really be assumed. Rob believed that his actions were not cause for such big concern. “I was only tipsy, you know,” he explained. “I won’t go overboard. For me, that’s normal lang.” Kath reminded him that it was okay to party and have fun, but that he should be careful. Yuri defended Kuya, explaining that his was a precautionary measure, and that they should remember that their actions may be viewed by children.

Watch Rob’s one-on-one with Kuya and the video footage of the party tonight on PBB Double UP Primetime, right after Dahil May Isang Ikaw. See how Kätlin reacted to her first balut experience and find out what Delio said that had Melai walking out in tears.



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