Friday, October 30

The task must go on!

Marielle’s last words to Yhel were, “Kasama ka naming ‘pag nanalo kami.” Hours before Yhel was to leave Kuya’s house, she kept busy by taking part in their cross-stitching task. Despite knowing that Kuya already made up his mind about her leaving, Yhel still worked with the others to get ahead with their task. Their house team decided to prioritize their task and not to sweat the small stuff, such as missing a stitch or two. Yhel’s leaving was definitely no small incident, but back to sewing they went, if only to give tribute to their ex-housemates by winning this task.

Both houses were up early, taking turns sewing. It was quite rattling to realize that tomorrow is their deadline for the task, and they certainly had to grit their teeth and work fast. They still had a long way to go, and cross-stitching isn’t exactly something one can rush. Housemates took turns sewing, eating and resting. Taking shifts seemed the most efficient way to make good use of their time without wasting a moment. Tedious as the task was, the housemates found ways to entertain themselves, such as singing and exchanging jokes.

Kuya meted out another punishment to several housemates, a consequence of them violating the rule about not speaking with no lapel. They were given dog bones to chomp on for the day. Drooling was not an excuse to let go of the bone; they just had to put tissue to control it. Melai was the tasked as the dog trainor in House B, with Rob as her counterpart in House A. As part of their consequence, the housemates had to perform in a “dog show”, complete with tricks. Fortunately, Kuya was also entertained by their act and had decided to lift their punishment.

Will the housemates finally pay more attention to the rules, or will they continue treating everything as a game? Will the former House A continue their winning streak, or will their luck transfer to the other team as well?



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