Thursday, October 29

Yhel is now an ex-housemate!

Barely a month into this season, but PBB Double Up has already said goodbye to several housemates. Today, Yhel joined the ranks of Kenny, Toffi, JP, JM, Princess and Jimson as ex-housemates as Kuya carried out his decision to penalize her with a forced eviction. She was one of the nominees for eviction this week, and as accepting as she was of the possibility of leaving the house, she did not expect to leave it through forced eviction.

In a short span of time, Yhel has been exposed to many extraordinary experiences and has already formed a bond with her house team. From being total strangers, these people became her temporary family. Of all her housemates, she has a special spot for Marielle, with whom she shares the common bond of motherhood and being “kikay” and “kalog”. Before she left, Marielle assured her that, should they win, she still is part of the team. Yhel is no stranger to loss, and it is with a heavy heart that Kuya decided to let her go, again subjecting her to painful goodbyes. This decision was not the result of just one violation, but of a series of major violations incurred by Yhel. The final straw was when Yhel made a joke about nominating Hermes for eviction, an obvious disregard of the rule regarding the gravity of nominations. This happened despite her being automatically nominated for committing the same violation last week. The consequences piled up and finally led to her eviction.

Kuya announced his decision to her house team. Though surprised, especially since they did not realize her joke would lead to such a grave end, Yhel kept her peace and accepted her fate. What she did not realize was that her exit would be today as they expected it to be tomorrow at the earliest. During her last conversation with Kuya, Yhel expresses her gratitude for being given the opportunity to be part of PBB. The experiences, friendships and lessons were indeed invaluable. Yhel was also given the chance to say a quick goodbye to her housemates before officially exiting the house. Tom, with Princess’ exit still a fresh memory, was quite emotional and was first to reach her, whispering words of strength. The rest followed suit and came up one by one to give her a tight embrace.

Mariel welcomed the teary-eyed Yhel to the outside world. If there was anything she was looking forward to, it was seeing her children again. Yet, it is with no small amount of reluctance that she goes back to her family, fearing their disappointment and anger for her leaving the show at such an early stage and in this manner. She was admittedly far from okay, but as with all the hurdles she has encountered, Yhel promises to try her best to be so. With her sheer will and determination, it is no wonder that she will be.

The violations seem to escalate as they were given doggy bones to chomp on as punishment for talking without their lapels on. Hopefully, the housemates learn the value of following rules soon, or face heavier consequences as Yhel did. Despite the closure of polls, another housemate will head out the door and fly off to a foreign destination. Find out which Big Brother house our housemate will be headed to and catch snippets of the housemates’ “Ako-mmercials”. Who wiill be your pick for the Big Swap?



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