Sunday, February 14

The Big Date on the Big Night!

After 19 long, exciting and challenge-filled weeks, 26 housemates and two Big Brother houses, the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up finally came to an end tonight. But it wasn't just any ending, mind you. It was an ending worth remembering, an ending that will get any PBB fan through the rest of the year!
Exaggeration aside, the Big Date on the Big Night was exactly as exciting, momentous and unforgettable as it promised to be. The night started young but wild upon the arrival of the Big Five to the Ninoy Aquino Stadium, where they received an overpowering cheers of support from their fans who were already there even hours before the actual Big Night. However, as tradition, Jason, Johan, Paul Jake, Tibo and Melai weren't able to see the screaming fans at first for they were safely hooded and locked in the Volkswagen Beetle convertible car that wheeled them into the venue.

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Melai named as this edition's Big Winner!

Melai was hysterical after hearing her name hailed as the Big Winner of this season! She almost smudged her beautifully-put-on make-up on her way to the stage, at the same time, grabbing random people to share the overwhelming joy she felt at that moment when she was rolled to the stage after coming out from the miniature Big Brother house. And when she was up on stage already, it appeared she still couldn't grasp the idea of being the Big Winner.

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Paul Jake as the Second Big Placer!!

It was such a faith-shattering moment when Paul Jake was called onto the stage, announced as the Second Big Placer of the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up edition.

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And the third place goes to Jason

Well, the way Jason accepted his place in the race to the Big Winner title, it surely looked it was still "astig" being third. "Maraming salamat po sa inyo. Mahal na mahal ko po kayong lahat (Thanks a lot, everybody. I love you all very much)," he said, acknowledging the superbly loud cheers from the audience.

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Johan is Fourth Big Placer!

Looks like the people have decided Johan already got what he deserved in the game! Garnering a total save evict votes of 7.94%, he stepped out into the stage as the Fourth Big Placer.

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Tibo lands as the first Fifth Big Placer

Announced by Linggit Tan alongside Jake Cuenca, Tibo was named as the first Fifth Placer in all of PBB history, receiving the total save votes of 7.69%. "Thank you po sa suporta na binigay niyo saken.

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Kulang na lang i-DELIVER! Ready na ang envelope na kinalalagyan ng results ng botohan! SINO KAYA ANG MAGIGING BIG WINNER? Hold your breaths!!


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Parang kailan lang!

si Kim Chiu lang ang blindfolded at nasa waiting room dati! Pero ngayon, eto at special guest para sa Big Night for this Double Up edition! Abangan!


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Walang kokontra, okay?

Baka kase may umappear na bidang kontrabida maya-maya lang! Pero relax, guys, ang Big Five pa rin ang mga bida ngayong gabi... at least, until the Big Winner is announced! Keep your votes coming in!


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Naked housemates...!

at the backstage! Can we hear a "witwiiiiw?" Tutok lang, guys, it's probably the FAN DANCE coming right up!

P.S. Okay pa ba kayo? Little trivia: Hindi niyo ba alam na same lang ang feeling nang na-eexcite at kinakabahan? Well, now you know!


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Saturday, February 13

Ayan na ang Big Five!

Naririnig kaya nila ang mga sigaw para sa kanila?! Sino kaya ang magiging Big Winner! (Wow, lakas ng hiyaw para kina Paul Jake at Melai!) Tutukan ang huling pakikipag-usap ni Kuya sa kanila!


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Wow, abot ang PBB hanggang Vancouver!

Mantakin niyo yun! Talagang around the world po ang PBB mania! Kase naman etong si former housemate JP hinatak daw ng isang pasahero sa plane para magpapicture sa kanya! Feels like heaven, yeah?


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Sam Pinto at Jake Cuenca meet again!

At nangyari na nga! During rehearsals for tonight's Big Night, nagkita na din ng face-to-face sina Sam at Jake! You think may ilangan na naganap? Nuh-uh! Okay naman na sila... at baka nga may chance pa to get together for V-Day dahil after all, wala pa daw date si Jake! Ano sa tingin niyo, guys? Muling ibalik ang pag-ibig mode?


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The Big Five finally arrives at the venue!

Yey! Nakarating na daw ang ating mga housemates sa stadium sakay ng black beetle convertible, alongside the convoy of volks! Pinagkaguluhan na sila ng mga fans nila (at take note! OVER na ang dami ng tao!) with matching taking photos pa pero di nila 'to alam dahil nga nakataklob sila sa black cloth and cape! Mga three hours na lang at Big Night na! Excited na ba kayo?


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The Big Truths about The Big Five!

What could be a better way for the housemates to spend the last night inside the Big Brother house than playing and enjoying the moment itself? Hmm, let's see. Maybe a visit from the local King of Talk, prodding some truths out of their mouths?
Maybe that wasn't what the Big Five had in mind earlier tonight but when Big Brother announced to them that Boy Abunda himself was stepping into the house to have a a face-off with them... well, they couldn't say no, could they?

So up they were unto that little stage in the living room where one by one they faced Tito Boy who pried them with his quickly-thrown riveting questions for five minutes. Paul Jake was first to be grilled, ending up with the most controversial question of the night: "Did you do drugs when you were younger?" Of course, Paul Jake, being as straightforward as he usually is, did not even make a double take in replying with a yes. But he was cut off by the time limit so he wasn't able to explain himself immediately; it was only right before Jason's turn that he was able to voice his reasons of "peer pressure" and "function of age," as Boy tagged it.

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A HEARTy change!

In line with the Valentine's Day that's coming, Big Brother has sealed in the owners' identities of the voting percentages by changing the letters ABCDE to HEART!
In the current run, R is first with a 29.51% while A follows with a 28.62%. The three behind them namely E, T and H have 23.87%, 9.61% and 8.39% respectively! Now, all the fans and followers can only guess which Big Five housemate corresponds to which voting percentage!

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Ex-PBB housemate Mariel Soriño has nothing against Princess Manzon!

Feisty lady housemates Mariel Soriño and Princess Manzon almost broke into a catfight during the Resbak Attack weekly task that pitted the official housemates against the ex-housemates. Princess was very aggressive in her attempt to destroy the domino tower of the housemates, but Mariel bravely tried to stop her and lead her to the exit. In an interview with, Mariel revealed that she knew that Princess was only acting according to the task given by Big Brother. “Alam ko may tasks talaga ang mga ex-housemates na gusto nilang basagin ‘yung mga eggs at ‘yung torre. Nung nagsalita na si Princess ng mga masasakit na bagay alam ko talaga na strategy lang niya ‘yun so hindi ko masyado pinapatulan. Pero nung binabato na niya ‘yung torre inawat ko lang siya.”

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Last Game Uber!

The Big Night is just one sleep away, yet the housemates don’t seem flustered at all. Maybe it’s because they’ve been there and done that. Maybe it’s because they feel like champs already. Maybe it’s because they do realize it’s the end and they’d rather take their own sweet time to finally breathe in every moment left of their being housemates.

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19 lucky letter-senders get their wish!

As promised, one more trivia tidbit to celebrate the last night of the Big 5 inside Kuya’s house! Don’t worry, though, there’s still the Big Reunion on Sunday and Uber In Love for the whole of next week!
Trivia Tidbit #1: Without everyone being the wiser, Rica actually gathered personal mementos to remember her housemates by. Hermes’ towel and clothes of Johan and Paul were just some of her PBB Double Up collection. Hmm…did she leave anything of hers?

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Killing time

Nafufrustrate na si Melai sa game nila ng mga boys! Binlindfold kase siya tapos kelangan niyang kapain yung mga housemates niya sa loob ng room!

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Sabi ni Jason...!

mas bagay daw kay Isay ang mga gutay-gutay na damit! ACK! Melai, look. You're pseudo boyfriend is acting like a real boyfriend na!

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"Big Five, magbihis kayo ng maayos"!

Yan ang sabi ni Kuya sa mga housemates. Nako, eto namang lima nagulat dahil hindi nila inexpect na magkakaroon sila ng activity ngayon gabi.

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Naglaba na si Papa Tibo!

para daw malinis na bukas ang mga damit niya. Tanong naman ni Jason, bakit ano ba daw meron bukas. Sabi naman ni Papa Tibs, eh baka daw kase bukas na labas nila. Housemates, bukas na labas niyo!

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Sobrang swerte lang!

Nagpamigay na nga si Kuya ng free tickets sa Big Night, kaya sa 19 lucky winners, aba, libre date na ito! Trip mo bang silipin ang mga letters, o i-check kung andun 'yung letter mo? May album na 'yan! Tignan nyo nalang dun. :)

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Friday, February 12

The Big High Five Concert!

Strong high fives all around, everybody! The Big Five just did all they can to give their fans and followers the performances they asked to see. And boy, did they do great in the Big High Five concert!
Opening the night dancing to the Black Eyed Peas's runaway success hit "I Gotta Feelin," Paul Jake, Johan, Jason, Tibo and Melai started off with the right foot in infecting the audience with the right groove and atmosphere for the night. But things were just getting started then because the next numbers were owned by Paul Jake, who at first stammered out the lines of Andrew Gold's "Never Let Her Slip Away" but was able to recover later on; Johan, who suprised all of us by singing Shamrock's "Alipin" flawlessly, and Jason, who belted out The Script's "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" from his heart... and vocal chords. And if it weren't enough that the boys were singing, well, Melai was the cherry on top for their performances! She acted as the ultimate leading lady for the three of them, sitting there in the middle of the stage and changing face masks (a Denise mask for Paul Jake while a Cathy mask for Johan) for every number!

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4, 3, 2 days to go before the Big Night!

Kuya has started on the Big 5’s transition to the outside world. After being cooped up for so long, the housemates had but memories of their loved ones to hang on to. Part of Kuya’s house rules was that news about the outside world was a big no-no. Last night, though, they got anonymous news flashes on the plasma screen, and it was just the beginning. They groped their way out of a gigantic maze, to be welcomed by the warm hugs of their loved ones!

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Jason, Johan, Tibo, Paul Jake and Melisa feel the Big 5 vibe!

It began with the announcement that lifted a big weight off their chests: they were all winners! No one was going to get booted out, and they could all rest knowing that when they step out of the house, they would leave as one of the Big 5. Jason, Melisa, Paul Jake, Johan and Tibo indulged in a private concert to celebrate the news. Celebrity ex-housemate Macoy Fundales jammed with them, while Kuya provided them with drinks and finger food. This, in fact, was just the front act of a series of performances, this time by the Big 5 themselves!

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Boom Boom Pow!

Two-thumbs up din for Papa Tibs! Parang long-lost member lang ng... Streetboys! Haha batch kaya niya yun? Peace! Pero aminin, galing ni Papa Tibo - dancer din naman kase talaga siya!

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In perfect sync!

Kung si Paul Jake medyo nawala sa timing at si Johan ay may mga konting piyok, si Jason naman mukhang in perfect rhythm sa pagkanta niya ng The Man Who Can't Be Moved kay Melai! All-out performance, pati si Melai may lipsynching pang nalalaman!

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Hindi pa nakakarecover si Paul Jake!

sa kamememorize nung song para sa solo number niya! To the highest level na ang diligence ni PJ kakaulit nung kanta! Hayyy, kanino niya kaya ito idinededicate?

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All well and made up!

Pogi naman naten, mga 'tol! Haha. Ayan, mukhang parelax-relax na lang mga boys ah.

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Melai, centerstage!

Bidang-bida si Melai ah! parang chuwariwap lang ang boys sa background habang may sariling prod number si Melai sa harap. Teka, solo concert ba ni Melisa ito?!

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Queen Melisa!

Hmm, mukha bang excited na si Melai sa Sabado? Rehearsals ang inatupag ng mga housemates maghapon, not only sa Big Night pero para sa Big 5 concert na live na live mamayang gabi sa Primetime!

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Uuwi na si Papa Tibs!

Tuloy pa din si Papa Tibs sa daily routine niya ng paglilinis ng bahay at paglalaba. Mukhang excited na talaga si Papa Tibs sa Big Night! "Uuwi na si Papa, wait lang!"

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Thursday, February 11

Ex-PBB housemate Mariel Soriño is not keen on reuniting with the father of her son!

Before becoming the final evictee of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up, Mariel Soriño was given a chance by Big Brother to work things out with the father of her child. Her ex-boyfriend, Paul Jeffrey Kabigting, entered the PBB house to prove to her that he loves her and he wants them and their son, Paul Asher, to be a family. However, Mariel was still hurting over a betrayal in the past, that is when she was pregnant, Paul Jeffrey told her that he was married. In an interview with, Mariel opened up about how she felt when the awful truth was made known to her. “Lahat na yata ng negative feelings naramdaman ko nung sinabi niya sa akin na may asawa pala siya. I was angry, disappointed, hindi ko maintindihan, gusto ko yatang mag-collapse. Eventually my family found out that I was pregnant. Nag-aaral pa ako nun. I was thankful kasi hindi sila nagalit sa akin. Tinanggap pa rin nila ako and ‘yung anak ko.”

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The Big Five goes round the merry-go-maze!

Most likely a follow-through to the news reports he showed the Big Five, Big Brother moved on to actually bringing out the housemates' most missed person in their lives. This was done in the form of a maze game called the Big Race!

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The Big Five receives some big news!

One of the most stressful things about being inside the Big Brother house is that part where the housemates are being shut off from the world they've long known. No connection to the outside world, especially with their families, friends and other loved ones. Similar to a news blackout was what happened to them since they stepped inside the house four months ago.

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Games, practices and events

Johan and Jason were the last to know about the big news, and in true PBB fashion, the revelation was nothing less than a big splash – literally! The two were blindfolded and positioned at the edge of the pool, guided by the three remaining housemates. Up to this point, they were still apprehensive as to who will leave the house last. Kuya explained that the housemate who would fall in the pool would be part of the Big Night, and at Kuya’s signal, Johan and Jason took off their blindfolds and were both pushed into the waiting pool by the giggling three. No frowns on anyone, now. All welcome the season’s Big 5!

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Pangako napako!

Hahaha! Hirap si Melai sa pag-abot nung super high notes ng song na Pangako Sa Yo!

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Jason CAN be moved!

Hahaha habang nagpapractice kase sila ng voice coach eh panay galaw niya. Rason? Para maabot niya yung mga nota! "Ang taas kase," sabi pa niya.

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Tibo who can't be moved!

Intense ang pagmememorize ni Tibo ng The Man Who Can't Be Moved na song! Talagang always serious sa kahit anong task si Papa Tibs, noh?

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Go teamwork!

Kahit mukha man parang leader-leaderan si only rose among the thorns na si Melai, team effort pa rin ang nagaganap na dance practice ng Big Five!

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May pinagawa si Kuya sa Big Five: ang maglagay ng dalawang denim pants sa Converse bags nila.... Teka, para san kaya 'to?

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Wednesday, February 10

Paul Jake leads the pack in the race for the Big Winner title!

The suprises on PBB Double Up edition just keep on coming! And the most recent one? Oh, yes, the biggest twist of showing the current standing of the housemates to the people even way before the Big Night!
During the live episode earlier tonight, host Toni Gonzaga presented the Big Five's standings with the help of a TV screen which flashed the percentage of text votes that each of the housemates have received ever since the voting system for the Big Winner was opened last weekend.

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Big Brother's Big Reveal for the Big Five!

Just like how they say that all promises are meant to be broken, most secrets are also meant to be revealed! And this is what we saw during the live episode of tonight's PBB Double Up where Big Brother delivered the great news to the Big Five namely Melai, Paul Jake, Tibo, Johan and Jason - that they were all going to make it to the Big Night!

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Big Reveal!

is equals to Big Five is equals to Big Party! Laking tuwa ng last five remaining housemates sa pagkakalaman nilang Big Five na ang aabot sa Big Night!

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