Saturday, January 23

Game over, housemates!

The second face-off between the housemates and the ex-housemates happened through another 45k-worth of game which followed the pattern of the magician's magic cups. The ex-housemates were to hide inside life-sized boxes and shuffle themselves while the housemates chose which of them contained the respective ex-housemates Big Brother assigned them to find. Jason played first and was successful in picking the boxes which contained Delio, Kenny and Princess. So was the same with Tibo and Mariel who each guessed correctly with their selection, which were Rica, Princess and Rob and Patrick, Princess and Yuri respectively. Melai, however, failed to name the housemate -which was Ron - inside one of her chosen boxes correctly. As a consequence, she got sprayed on the face with a foamy shaving cream. The game went on until Big Brother gave out the result: the housemates once again failed to earn the victory.

Another occurence the housemates overlooked was the visit of resbak attackers Kenny and Delio. Sure, when the two entered the house, the housemates - especially Melai, Jason and Tibo - were quick on their toes on not trusting the visitors to come out to the swimming pool area where their twin towers of dominoes were. However, as Kenny and Delio were determined to ace their part in the major plan of attacking the housemates, they slowly gained the trust and affection of several housemates.

But just when things were getting comfortable around the visitors and the housemates, Rob and Princess suddenly appeared on the pedestal hovering the pool area and started attacking the twin towers. Simultaneously, Delio started on with his real intention in entering the house and that was to crush the housemates' baby eggs. He succeeded when Jason absentmindedly handed over his and by also challenging Melai to also offer hers as a symbol of her being true to her words of money being not important to her. "O sige, panatilihing nakatayo ang towers pero kung nagkakasiraan na tayo, ako na mismo ang babasag niyan (Okay, keep the towers standing, but if that meant ruining our friendships, I myself will destroy those)," Melai expressed, in reference to her opinion about friendship versus task. This stemmed on to an instant open forum among the housemates, of which Johan started. He pinpointed that although he hated a person with an arrogant behavior such as Paul Jake, he tries his best to get along. In reply, Paul Jake just calmly said that he didn't care because that was who he was. Later on in his talk with Big Brother in the confession room, he shared a deep thought that would have been helpful to the current emotional state of the housemates inside the house. He said, "Lahat naman ng tao may maganda at pangit (na ugali), depende na sa iyo kung ano ang titingnan mo (Everyone has good and bad in them, it just depends which part you choose to look at)."

While the housemates carried on in opening their real feelings about each other, the resbak attackers took this as a cue to enter the pool area. Clad in full combat attire, they marched in like soldiers and shocked the housemates with their appearance. And unlike in action movies where the leading stars are winners, the housemates lost their most protected treasure - which was the twin towers of dominoes - to the villains. Upon this downfall, Big Brother called out to the all of the housemates and announced that he was putting a stop to the battle waged between the two groups. With that, the resbak attackers scurried off to House B while the housemates started building their towers once again.

However, not all of the housemates believed they still had to go on with the task Big Brother gave them. Two of these were Melai and Jason, who stopped helping the others in rebuilding. Not only that, they tried convincing the others to stop working and just letting the resbak attackers win the task. Hermes, probably moved by their arguments, quit and joined Melason on their sleeping mats by the pool. The other housemates, especially Mariel and Paul Jake, were unfazed and still went on to push through with the weekly task. Looks like the resbak attackers were successful with their task in forcing out the real characters of the housemates! But will the people in the outside world appreciate the results of the task? Prove that by wisely choosing the truly deserving members of the Big Four! And you can only do that by watching PBB Double Up every night!

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