Monday, January 18

The real world strikes back!

The Head of House is such a privileged post, especially with the season drawing nearer to its end. With this, the HoH challenge has become harder, if only because it has dipped deeper into the character and relationships of the remaining eight. For this week’s HoH challenge, the housemates were stationed in the activity area with a bucket of slime each. Each will pour slime over the housemate whom they think is the one who most exhibits a particular bad trait. The correct answer was flashed on the plasma screen, based on an earlier survey answered by the housemates themselves.

Hermes was named the one who is most “pa-cute”, while Johan got voted for being easily irritated and Melai for being the most irritating. Paul Jake and Jason got two titles each, while Tibo got a whopping three. Paul Jake was tagged the most arrogant and “maarte”, while Jason was named “bastos” and a liar. Tibo had a difficult time sustaining his smile after being slimed for being too full of himself, tagged “nagmamalinis and nagmamarunong”. He also shared the top spot for being plastic with Mariel.

With 11 correct points, Mariel took over as the week’s Head of House. Hermes, who got a measly 3 points, opted for Automatic Nomination after landing on the last place. This decision came to him after a night of pondering. He figured that it was by his own hand that he ended up last, and no other person should have to be burdened by his failure.

Though the Melayo Act has been lifted, the Char Char Change remains. The housemates still have no idea that the voting system by the people still prevailed, and were led to believe that the eviction decision was in their hands. Whatever laughs and easy banter between the 8 remaining housemates were inevitably tainted by this supposition, and even more so by the HoH challenge. This was evident in the way most of them nominated against those who tagged them with particular bad traits, exposing their wariness of each other’s sincerity and putting them on competition mode.

Tibo got 5 points for his negativity and his self-righteousness. Johan also got 5 points for being attention-seeking and easily irritated. Another point raised against him was the vibe that he was only playing with Cathy and was using their tandem to seek the limelight. Kath, who was rarely nominated, got 4 points for being two-faced and too quiet. For the 13th nomination night, half of the housemates were saved, but this does not mean that they were saved from harsh critiques from their peers. Quite a number had issues with Jason and Paul Jake, concerns that were echoes of the traits in the HoH challenge.

With only 4 weeks left before the Big Night, Kuya is sure to throw a barrage of character tests, each harder than the other, to see who indeed was most deserving. Some of the season’s ex-housemates were invited to move in as part of Task Force Resback Attack. Back in House B were Princess, Tom, Delio, Patrick, Rob, Yuri and Rica. The directive for these renegades? “Wala kayong sasantuhin.”

Cathy, the latest evictee, also moved in House B to be part of the new team. Her first night proved that the outside world was no kinder than being cooped up in the house. Rica pointedly ignored her.

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