Tuesday, January 19

Love, lies, and subterfuge!

Johan and Hermes both had their chance at having some alone time with Cathy on a customized date. No final decisions were made before her eviction, and it was Cathy’s wish that the two be friends even in her absence. Before Cathy left, though, it was Johan who was by her bed making small talk. The stuffed pig he gave her was sprayed with his scent, and he used this to steal a kiss on her cheek.

If Cathy caught the eyes and hearts of the two boys, it was Jason who had the hearts of Melai and Mariel skipping a beat. Mariel had long conceded to the funny Melai, and the two were now at ease talking about Jason’s plus points. The two chattered continuously, even with Jason right beside them, confident that he couldn’t understand a word of their Visayan exchange.

With the Melayo Act lifted, Melai and Jason have been spending a lot of time together again. Today, they spent some time in the kitchen catching up with a former housemate dear to Melai: the chef Delio. Donning a toque and at ease in the kitchen, Delio seemed safe enough. Little did they know that he was no longer part of them, but part of the secret Task Force plotting against them. After over two months inside the house, the remaining housemates have gotten used to the goings-on of the house. In that amount of time, they have gone through the exciting and the mundane. They were used to surprises, but nothing prepared them for the shock of seeing their house trashed. The ransack attack made them wary indeed, but they still had no idea just what they were up against. Today had them guarding a floating tower and a number of eggs from the attacks of unknown assailants. Little did they know that it was their ex-housemates who were causing them worry. Led by their chosen commander, Rica, the ex-housemates had a visual into their house and had the go signal from the boss himself.

How would the housemates survive the rest of the week? What psychological attacks do the ex-housemates plan? Stay updated on this crazy Resbak Attack tonight on PBB Double Up Primetime!

Source: Stephanie Manhit,http://doubleup.pinoybigbrother.com


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