Wednesday, January 20

The war begins!

Twin towers of doom-inoes and colored eggs to be treated like babies - those are going to be what the lives of the housemates in House A will revolve around this week. Doesn't sound challenging enough? Well, there's more: it's also going to be center of attention of the housemates from House B!

Yes, Big Brother sure did give out almost the same weekly task to both of the housemate groups. The only difference was that the housemates from House A were going to take care of the eggs and build towers of dominoes while the housemates-slash-attackers from House B were going to sabotage and destroy everything. These tasks were a big deal because the fall of the tower will cause the housemates their weekly budget while each broken egg will be equivalent to a slash of Php20,000 from the winnings of the Big Four. In simpler words, Big Brother waged a war between the two houses.

But don't think the housemates got scared because they didn't! Instead of shaking in their slippers, they put security measures all over the place such as plates on the overheads of the main doors. This was so that they would hear whenever someone tried to enter their place.

But again, don't think that someone didn't visit the housemates because somebody did! Delio, sent by his fellow attackers from House B, entered the house, saying he was there to cook Batange├▒ong kaldereta for them. Although suspicious about their former housemate's intentions, they slowly opened up to Delio and told them about the recent attacks they have received from the other part of the Big Brother House. And from time to time, they would try to catch Delio to spill about his real mission but he remained to appear clueless so as not to ruin the whole plot of the resbak attack.

Later on, two of the resbak attackers climbed up the roof and started pissing off the housemates in House A. Unknown to the housemates at that time, those two that yelled mean and provoking comments (such as "Tan-aw nimo na-inlab jud sa imo si Jason (Do you really think Jason's in love with you?" to Melai and "Tiguwang na nagmamalinis (An old man who always come clean)" to Tibo) were their ex-housemates Princess and Rica. Are the housemates starting to take their tasks seriously? And how will the housemates in House A react when they find out their old friends inside the house were becoming their enemies now? Keep your eyes open for the battlefield happening on PBB Double Up every night!

Source: Krishna Belle Meniado,


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