Wednesday, January 6

Bigger pranks from Big Utol!

The more the housemates say no, the more Big Utol insists!
As a following to Paul Jake, Cathy and Sam's trips to the confession room, the rest of the housemates were also invited to visit Big Utol for some more suprise gifts. The first one of the second lot to go was Jason and boy, was he in a for a ride. Big Utol ordered him something that required a bit of his acting skills. "Gusto ko nakasimangot ka pero nakangiti pa rin (I want you frowning yet smiling)," he instructed. Jason seemed appalled with the request and at first denied Big Utol the favor, saying "Hindi ako magaling mag-artista, eh (But I'm not in acting!)." But hey, nobody - and by that, it really means nobody - refuses Big Utol thus Jason still managed to showcase a cross between a sad but goofy face. What a task!

Up next for the thrilling adventure to the confession room was Melai. Known for her fear of dogs, Big Utol fooled around by greeting her with the sound of a barking dog as she entered the dark room. Melai, of course, went berserk on instinct and even fell down onto the floor because of anxiousness! And to add to the amusement, Big Utol playfully teased Melai about asking her to fetch the Doberman that he sent in that was tied to the bike by the pool. Poor cynophobic Melai was already in tears as she continously cried out "Maawa ka, Big Utol (Have mercy, Big Utol)." To her relief, she was let out by Big Utol whose main purpose was just to give "excitement" to Melai.

Kath was also invited by Big Utol and since she already knew what was going to happen in the confession room, she was already upon her entrance. As soon as she saw the darkness of the room, she started crying and yelled at Big Utol that she didn't want to come in! But Big Utol was still insistent and was able to "bribe" Kath into the room by saying that he won't do anything that would scare her. But as fate would have it, a movement made under cloth that covered the container just in front of where Kath sat made her run all the way to the living room, away from whatever was Big Utol's surprise gift!

Because of Kath's runaway, Johan came in next as requested by Big Utol. His task was to make Kath befriend the little furry animal Big Utol prepared for her. Imagine the difficulty of chasing Kath, who immediately sprinted into the girls' room upon seeing him with the cage walking towards her! But with the teamwork of the housemates, Kath managed to wave hi to the black fat rat which was - thank heavens! - stored securely inside its cage.

Oh, looks like Big Utol's never going to run out of mischief! Will the housemates survive him? Let's see about that by watching PBB Double Up every night!

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