Monday, January 4

Kuya temporarily exits the house!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! The big boss himself, almighty and all-knowing head of the PBB house, has exited the premises. In the middle of a confession room session with Mariel, the housemate heard a thud and Kuya’s voice was no more. She took it to be a mere technical difficulty, and let it go at that. Though the rest wondered at Kuya’s absence, they have learned to take things in stride and thought no more than usual. Tonight, the truth was revealed to them: Kuya has left the house.

Since the start of the season, Kuya has been on call for the housemates. Limited sleep and rest were exchanged in favor of a fast-paced show, availability for the housemates, better twists for all viewers. For those who still doubt the existence of PBB’s Kuya, well, he is out there in the outside world. Fatigue has caught up with him, and caused him to falter mid-conversation. Tests were run, and the results are yet to be released. For now, Kuya’s seat remains empty.

What changes will take place at this sudden turn of events? How will this affect the goings-on within the house, and outside? How long will Kuya be out of commission, and will he be able to recover in time? Stay tuned to the updates on Kuya’s health by watching PBB Double Up!

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