Wednesday, January 13

Big Brother's back, alright!

Have the housemates become fond of the ear-splitting and annoying rock music that Big Utol used on them for wake-up call? Because the next morning that they were greeted with a mellow tune instead, they seemed oblivious to it!

So when Big Brother called out to them for the first time he's been back, they were suspicious about the authenticity of the voice. Some of them even said that it might have been just Big Utol playing a trick on them as he usually does. But for most of them, there was no mistaking their beloved Big Brother's voice! Boy, were they beyond enthusiastic upon knowing that Big Brother was already well and was now back in the house.

But of course, the housemates weren't the only one who was excited with Big Brother's homecoming for he too was just as happy to be back. And so to prove this, he returned to his daily chore of holding daily sessions with each of the housemates - and this time, it was back to the good old original confession room!

Kath was the first to go inside and greet Big Brother. But even before he spoke to her, tears were already rolling down her cheeks. "O, bakit ka umiiyak, Kathleen? (But why are you crying, Kathleen?)" Big Brother asked, surprised. Kath explained to him that those were just tears of happiness. "Wala, masaya lang ako na nagbalik ka na (Nothing, I'm just happy about you being back)," she added.

Mariel, who came in after Kath, was also euphoric about Big Brother's comeback. When asked why, she said it was because they missed the way the house was before Big Utol came in. But not that she said anything about not liking Big Utol since after all, he was Big Brother's brother! Instead, she said: "Kase naman po, sanay na kami sa boses at ugali niyo (It's just that, we are already used to your voice and attitude)." Similarly, Melai also voiced that as her reason for being grateful that Big Brother was back. "Kinikilig [nga] ako pag[ka]rinig ko sa boses niyo (I even got a little giddy when I heard your voice)," she jokingly added.

Meanwhile, Johan and Tibo, who were the first boy housemates who talked to Big Brother upon his return, took different paths of conversation. Big Brother asked Johan if the recent application of the Char Char Change has brought changes to the attitudes of the nominated housemates, to which the latter unhesitatingly replied with yes. To reiterate, he added: "Parang nga pong nagbabait-baitan sila (They (housemates) have become goody-two-shoes)," Johan explained.

Tibo, on the other hand, was asked about his little fight with Melai that happened previously. Although a bit surprised that Big Brother took the matter up, Tibo remained unfazed and went on to explain how Big Utol's Melayo Act of 2010 play a big role in teaching the two uber playful Melai and Tibo to be disciplined. Will Big Brother heed Tibo or will he lift up the TRO from Melason instead? What now awaits the housemates with Big Brother's comeback? Tune in to PBB Double Up every night and help Big Brother look after the housemates!

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