Monday, January 11

Paul Jake turns over the HoH title to Mommy Kath!

As a new week approaches, the much-coveted Head of House seat was again up for grabs, and Big Utol made sure that getting it would not be a walk in the park. The housemates donned cowboy outfits and were greeted with a mechanical bull set up in the activity area. For the first round, all housemates got the chance to ride the bull, and those who could hang on for 3 minutes would automatically advance to the next round. Melai, Kath and Cathy made it through, and Paul Jake rounded up the top four with 2.46 minutes. For the second round, they could only use one hand to keep themselves aboard. The final round was a showdown between the reigning HoH Paul Jake and Mommy Kath. For the deciding round, no hands were allowed. Though he could have stayed longer, Paul Jake let go at 59 seconds, giving Kath a better chance, which she definitely did not waste.

In the confession room, Paul Jake shared that he had given his word that, should he be faced off with Kath, he would give way to her. Kath could not believe that he took it seriously, since HoH perks –especially the privilege of immunity-- were not easy ones to give up. Even Big Utol had to hand it to Paul Jake, and could not help but commend him for keeping his word. For Paul Jake, he had been lucky to be HoH twice already, and would want someone else to experience it.

Of course, the losing housemates also got to ride the bull one last time, this time to figure out the unlucky one who would have to choose between an automatic nomination and granting an automatic three points to another. Again, Jason fell behind and was given the burden. Stamp in hand, he faced the rest of the housemates to explain his decision. If he chose an automatic nomination last week, such was not the case this time. He took quite some time before he quit dilly-dallying and approached his choice. Though it was no surprise to Tibo, it took a lot out of Jason to finally stamp his forehead with a 3. His reason, Jason claimed, was that he could not understand Tibo: “sala sa init, sala sa lamig”. No judgments from Tibo, though, who could already guess Jason’s move with just one look at his face.

With only 5 weeks before the Big Night, the housemates are sure to feel the pressure. What’s more, Kuya and Big Utol will surely keep them on their toes by throwing curve balls at them at the most unexpected tikmes. Who will your Big 4 be? Another question is, who’s theirs?

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