Monday, January 11

Five nominees make up the 12th: Melai, Tibo, Hermes, Cathy and Mariel!

The first time it happened was during PBB’s first season. Of the five remaining housemates, only Uma Khouny was saved, leaving the other four a big chance at making the Big 4 – or not. History repeated itself, though not at such a critical time. For the second time in PBB history, the number of nominees exceeded that of the safe ones. Out of 9 remaining housemates, 5 of them were placed on the line.

Sam Pinto was the latest one out, ending her short stint inside Kuya’s house. With a few tears shed, Sam left the house with a smile with which she greeted the cheering crowd. Co-nominees Jason and Johan both expressed their gratefulness for another chance, and were fortunately spared a week of worry. Johan plans to use this to step up his game and vows to contribute more to the group’s tasks.
Contrary to the trend, Jason was finally able to evade the list of nominees. Instead, his sweetiepie Melai got in. With 6 points against her, Melai was seen to have a personality shift that had her slacking off and dictating on the others. Will Jason follow her lead and try to create more memories with her, in case she does get booted out? After all, Melai did spend time swimming with him and treating him to a full massage. Cathy and Hermes both have a slot in the list, as well. Cathy collected 4 points, as she fell short of bonding with the other girls, and was observed to be quite cliquish with Johan and Hermes. Hermes got 5 points for flaunting cute moves, but not being able to express depth and substance. Tibo got an automatic 3 points from Jason, and two more from Melai for being a know-it-all made him a shoo-in. Mariel rounded up the list of nominees with her 4 points, given because some felt she lacked control, responsibility and finesse.
As if this was not enough, Big Utol launches another big surprise that is sure to up the challenge several notches. “Char Char Change” has the housemates thinking that the choice of who to get booted out no longer rests with the votes from the outside world. Big Utol gives them the power to choose who among their number will exit, through another voting session. Of course, this is just “charchar” (a term coined by the housemates, meaning “false” or “untrue”), and was just concocted to trest the character of the housemates. With this crazy twist, will the housemates go loco in trying to impress and criticize? Will they be reminded that it is a game still, and be pushed to strategize and form agendas?
The voting is officially on, and Kapamilyas can now SAVE or EVICT their housemate of choice. Just text BBS to save or BBE to evict whoever you think is deserving of the vote. Send in your text votes to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. You can still vote online via
There’s only 5 weeks left before the Big Night, and you can expect more zany surprises. Watch out for the appearance of a mystery judge and the pronouncement of the Melayo Act of 2010. Keep watching updates on PBB Double Up Uber, Primetime and Uplate!

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