Tuesday, January 12

The Melayo Act of 2010!

Perhaps a true romantic at heart, Big Utol applied the saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" to Melai and Jason's pseudo love-hate relationship inside the Big Brother House.

Former housemate Rica, dressed as a judge flashed into the TV screen in the living room, was sent to deliver the news. With the housemates intently listening, she dropped the bomb: a temporary restraining order for both Melai and Jason. This order, more known as the Melayo Act of 2010, meant that the two will not be allowed to be near with each other for at least three days. Both of them would be under surveillance by their Police Señorita Kath and Police Hunk Hermes plus, they would only be able to talk to each other through the means of a pass-the-message relay wherein the three assigned housemates - Hermes, Paul Jake and Kath - are to be used as messengers between them.

But why, most probably wonder. As explained, the existence of this order rooted from the history of Melason's "relationship" and activities together, which consisted mostly of "kulitan na nauuwi sa awayan." This was what Big Utol used as an explanation when the two talked to him separately inside the confession room. He told them both that this temporary distance would be able to teach them a lesson about their being too playful with each other.javascript:void(0) While Jason aruged that all those were done in good faith, it was a good thing that Melai understood the message beyond the challenge for them. "Para maturuan [ako] na 'wag magsakitan (So [I] could be taught not to end up hurting other people)," she even helpfully added.

The big question is: Will the distance break Melai's and Jason's relationship with each other? Or will Big Utol's absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder tactic prevail? Keep watching PBB Double Up every night to trace how all this will turn out!

Source: Krishna Belle Meniado, http://doubleup.pinoybigbrother.com


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