Wednesday, November 9

PBB UnliDay Slater's task!

When the second batch of housemates came in, they were covered in grease and rode a creaky kariton. Jericho, Tol, Diane, Casey, Wendy, Joya and Eting were not only playing the role of a taong grasa, they were also mute until Kuya says otherwise.

They had to choose a buddy from the first batch, hug them, and convince them to bathe them so that they could speak again. Fortunately, surprise as they were, the first batch of housemateswere gracious enough to comply.

They were not the only ones with a secret task, though. The Hotshot Engineer was called in the Confession Room with this task: convince the rest that he was bitten by the love bug with Joya, the nurse-teacher. Slater remained on flirt mode, up until he discovered that Joya was committed to her boyfriend already. Having been in a similar situation himself, Slater felt that he couldn’t play with people’s feelings. “Feeling ko po hindi ko kaya ‘yung pinapagawa ninyo,” he confided. Much as he wanted to stay within the PBB house, something within him just resists so strongly. Kuya tried to ease his worries by reminding him that there were reasons behind the tasks. “Kailangan mong magtiwala sa akin,” said Kuya. “Sa likod ng lahat ng ito, may dahilan ako.” Slater reluctantly agreed, “but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.”

Kuya gave Slater another task, still challenging, but easier than the first instruction. Slater’s task: to high-five Joya thrice before sleeping and to get three strands of her hair. This time around, Slater fulfilled his task with creativity, promptness, and with flying colors! Simple chit-chat granted him his three high-fives in a snap. A fun game of bluff with a consequence of giving 3 strands of hair easily completed Kuya’s task for him.

That seemed easy enough, but how will Slater balance his respect of Joya’s relationship with his respect for Kuya’s decisions? Keep watching PBB Unlinight Updates daily, right after “Nasaan ka, Elisa?”

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