Tuesday, November 8

UNLI-NIGHT UPDATE: Of tears and dances

Prior to entering Kuya’s house, the housemates were instructed to bring one special thing with them. Little did they know that this little thing would actually change lives. Each housemate shared the story behind their special items, and consequently, bared quite a bit about themselves.

Biggel’s item was a silver necklace with a cross pendant, his sole possession that was truly his. Because of life’s hardships, everything he had were hand-me-downs; everything he earned would first be given to the family. “Ito lang ang meron ako,” he said, emotionally. “Inipon ko ‘to, sa halagang P250.”

Kigoy, at 32 years old, continues to keep a laminated picture of his mother close to his heart. He recounted how he was battered by others as a child through electrocution and the hammer. He left home at an early age and went on to live a shady life. “Feeling ko wala akong pamilya,” he said, through tears. Despite feeling abandoned, he still chose to love his mother and continued to offer everything he did for her.

Eting was also in tears as he took hold of his ukulele, the instrument that has sustained him for so many years. Wendy, though she came from a comfortable life, also became teary-eyed as she showed the others a Muslim rosary given by her mom, coupled with these wise words: “Anak, walang mahirap basta lagi kang nagdadasal.” Having admitted to Kuya about her apprehensions regarding the living conditions, Wendy chose to offer her sacrifices to her mom who has always strived to give her life’s comforts. “Para sa’yo ito,” she promised.

Tears were not reserved for those who have led a hard life. In fact, this sharing of selves probably hit those who were well-off more. Tin and Diane discovered a new appreciation for the lives they led and the parents that they have. Slater, so humbled by Eting’s story, also ended up crying. “Simple lang, masaya na sila.”He looked back on comforts that he used to take for granted. “Nag-graduate ako, binigyan ako ng kotse. Kulang pa, dapat magandang kotse.” Kuya reminded him that, privileged as he was, Slater was still capable to inspiring others around him in the same way.

How inspired would the housemates be when they discover that, amidst the baring of souls, one of them was lying? Another task was given by Kuya to Casey, which would be equivalent to the group’s weekly task and would decide their budget for the coming week. Originally, Casey’s special item was the book “The Secret”. Her task: to convince the others that her special item was a stone, given by a person dear to her. Unseen, she would bring it out after everyone falls asleep and perform a dance ritual. Not only does she have to do this for five days, she also has to convince five housemates (3 from the first batch and 2 from the second) to do it with her.

With enthusiasm, Casey took on the challenge, starting with an elaborate story about her stone being an anting-anting, given by her grandmother, to help her control her third eye. Jaws dropped at her story, but no one questioned it. To make her housemates fall asleep, she went the extra mile and massaged everyone. Would Casey be able to pull this off for five days straight?

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