Saturday, February 6

10, 9, 8 days left before the Big Date!

Two days have passed, each with a whole list of trivia for you to savor. With 8 days to go, satisfy your craving with another batch of trivia tidbits about your favorite housemates!
Tidbit #8: Princess is not the sole collector of the group, Patria is too! Her collection is of the simpler kind, though. House B’s original comedienne had a collection of tissue papers from the different food chains that she was able to dine in as a med rep.

Tidbit #7: Yuri’s sexy figure is no camera trick. To date, Yuri’s waistline still measures to a hot 24 inches!

Tidbit #6: A true artiste. Tom waxes poetic by describing his Cintiq tablet and computer (his prized possessions) as such: “With it, I can create worlds and paint into existence things that only live in my head.”

Tidbit #5: Patrick likes investing in good buys. His biggest investment was his first car, a ’95 Mazda Astina 323.

Tidbit #4: Like Jason, Johan also has an affinity to dogs. His pet Jinky was an askal who liked calling his attention by patting him, thus having to be renamed “Kalabit”. Too bad she can’t make a guest appearance on the show; she’s now looking down from doggie heaven.

Tidbit #3: It certainly seemed like fate took an active part in Tibo’s being a housemate! On the way to his audition, Tibo saw a white butterfly land on his windshield. He went on his way, and was approached by a taho vendor while waiting. This taho vendor told him, with utmost certainty, “Makakapasok ka.” He apparently saw the white butterfly inside Tibo’s pocket. To non-believers. Look where Tibo is now!

Tidbit #2: Jason really has a knack of making the most out of his lot. Worried about his meager supply of clothing, he used his transportation allowance to buy some extra clothes instead, and just made it appear that he left the money in his other pair of jeans.

Tidbit #1: Rob really gets some crazy ideas when he gets drunk. Back in the military, he was assigned Room Commander. Imagine the surprise of the others when his entire platoon showed up without a single hair on their heads! Little did they know that Commander Rob, on a whim, decided to order his team to shave their head. Sir, yes, sir!

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