Wednesday, February 3

Countdown to the Big Night!!

All are holding their breath in anticipation of the Big Night. To keep you from getting antsy, here are 10 trivia tidbits to feed your curiosity. Tidbit # 10: The second batch of housemates also started the PBB season along with the first batch. While the first batch of housemates were entering the popular PBB house, the second batch were marooned in Kuya’s secret location.

Tidbit #9: Like the first batch of housemates, those in the secret place also had zero television, telephone, and contact with anyone from the outside world. They only had 30 minutes to sneak a peek at the outside world, and only when they had a PBB staff member watching over them.

Tidbit #8: Tibo, being an agent, showed his special skills even when he was held in isolation. He had no idea what time it was, but could predict when a particular vehicle from the overlooking subdivision would appear. Talk about sharp observation skills!

Tidbit #7: Melisa absolutely detests anything cheese-flavored! Luckily, her interviewers were only too happy to eat her share of the cheesy treats.

Tidbit #6: With the surprise entry of Typhoon Ondoy, it didn’t spare the housemates from its wrath. Several housemates were stranded in traffic and flood waters. It was a wonder that the PBB Double Up lauch pushed through at all!

Tidbit #5: Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” made for an interesting read this season. Paul Jake actually had a head start already. Since he was reading it even before entering Kuya’s house.

Tidbit #4: Tom’s female impersonation for Rob was not his first. He tested his girly side with the PBB staff earlier by wearing a long wig and dark shades. No luck on both counts, though. < p> Tidbit #3: During the photo shoot, Jason ran out of moolah and borrowed P50.00 from a staff member. His debtor actually forgot about the pending debt, but Jason didn’t. Honest Jason paid his debt 5 days before entering Kuya’s house.

Tidbit #2: In the final casting week, Mariel confidently breezed through the process. Little did she know that everyone in the room –except her, of course-- was actually part of the PBB staff.

Tidbit #1: Kath and Jimson, real-life hubby and wife, originally auditioned in 2007. At that time, they were only bound by civil rites. They had a church wedding held in the Philippines afterwards, where the guest list included PBB staff members.

One day down, and more trivia to uncover! Find out 9 new trivia tidbits tomorrow, and stay updated with the housemates activities by watching PBB Double Up!

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