Wednesday, February 3

A touching reunion for Mariel and the father of her son!

"Galing ako sa broken family (kaya) ayaw ko na broken din yung magiging family ko (I came from a broken family so naturally I wouldn't want that to happen to my own family)" were the strong words that came out of Mariel's mouth during one of the more serious conversations she had with Big Brother inside the confession room.

Yes, it has never been a secret inside the Big Brother house what Mariel has been through: having gotten pregnant by a married man and upholding the responsibility of being a single parent. This was why Paul Jake couldn't be any happier to do the sacrifice for Mariel to be able to sort out her messy relationship with Paul who was the father of her son, Asher.

So when Big Brother revealed to Mariel she was given the opportunity to reunite with Paul through the kindness of Paul Jake, she did seem unprepared of facing her former lover. After all, she has already mentioned she has already closed her heart to him. "Kase nung nangyari po yung nabuntis ako ng married man, nawala ang buhay ko sa Davao City (Because when I got pregnant by a married man, I lost my life in Davao City)," Mariel opened up. "Kaya dito hoping ako na manalo para makapagstart kami ng bagong buhay ng baby ko (That's why I'm hoping that I win here so my baby and I could start a new life)."

But this exact thought of her son Asher may have pushed Mariel to give it a chance to talk to Paul about their issues. By the time she entered the House B where the reunion was to take place, her former lover was already waiting for her while seated on a dinner table. He was the one who started their conversation by saying that, "Tatlong buhay ang nakataya dito: buhay ko, buhay ni Asher, buhay mo... kaya kung may natitira pang konting pagmamahal na natitira, sana bigyan mo pa ako ng chance para gawin ang tama (There are three lives at stake here: mine, Asher's, yours... so if there's still even a small amount of love left in you, please give me the chance to do the right thing)." This sent Mariel's heart into pieces which caused her to break down. In turn, Paul assured her he had kept his promise of not drinking and playing poker anymore.

Moreover, Paul told Mariel there wasn't a day that he didn't think about her. This got a somewhat violent reaction from Mariel with her spitting out the words of "Hindi ko na alam kung maniniwala akong totoo ang mga sinasabi mo kase dati tiwalang-tiwala ako pero wala pa lang totoo sa mga sinabi mo noon (I don't know if I should believe you anymore because I trusted you then but it turned out you haven't been telling the truth)" while wiping her tears away. She also said: "It doesn't matter kung matagal na, it still hurts the same (It doesn't matter if it happened a long time ago, it still hurts the same)." So to comfort and reassure her, Paul stood up from his seat, knelt beside her seat and hugged her. "Mahal kita, alam mo 'yan (I love you, you know that)," he said.

When the reunion came to an end with Mariel and Paul hugging each other, Paul Jake entered the House B and joined Mariel in a dinner prepared for them by Big Brother. This was when she thanked him for doing the sacrifice in order to help her family. In response, he expressed how he couldn't have been any more willing to do it, just like how he told Big Brother that, "It was nice to know that natulungan ko yung isang pamilya so I hope mawork out na ang mga issues ng buong pamilya nila (It was nice to know that I was able to help a family so I hope everything works out for them)."

To know if Mariel's reunion with her former lover will do her good in her fight for the Big Winner title, watch PBB Double Up every night!

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