Friday, February 5

9th day countdown!

Yes, there are only nine more days before the Big Night! If you liked the 10 trivia tidbits yesterday, then you’ll surely enjoy the nine for today. By the time you reach tidbit #1, you’ll be excited for more!
Tidbit #9: It seems like the in-house couple still have a hangover from their wedding day. The two are fond of eating cake rolls, but no knife will do for them. Instead, they’d rather use a spoon and massacre the poor cake.

Tidbit #8: Must love dogs! Melisa better get over her fear of doggies, because Jason adores them. Before Melai even came into his life, his heart already belonged to Azumi, an askal female dog.

Tidbit #7: Did Melisa forget that PBB would be aired on national TV? She pretended that she was only attending a seminar in Davao, but her GenSan friends weren’t fooled.

Tidbit #6: Jason’s quite at home in the water. If not for PBB, he would probably be sailing the seas, since his college degree was Deck Seafaring or Marine Transportation.

Tidbit #5: Princess is a collector of various items, and they’re not cheap either! She has a collection of various perfumes and currencies from different countries. No postcards for this girl; her friends pitch in by giving her currencies from their travels, as well.

Tidbit #4: Yuri truly has a flair for the dramatic. Her favorite movie line is such a classic, taken from the movie Bituing Walang NIngning: “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard, copycat!” Too bad she wasn’t able to practice her villain mode much during the Resbak Attack!

Tidbit #3: Patrick is no stranger to tasks. When he visited his uncle in Singapore, there was an ongoing promo in KFC where they had to complete the letters K-F-C to win a prize, and they could only get that by buying chicken meals. It’s a wonder they didn’t sprout wings because they spent his entire vacation just gorging on KFC chicken!

Tidbit #2; Melisa loves sentimental stuff. One of her most memorable gifts was a slide show of pictures for her birthday. No, it didn’t come from a suitor, but her best friend, Ralphie.

Tidbit #1: With the entrance of Pareng Roy, Jason probably has more to worry about than Melisa. “Jennifer”, the so-called ex of Jason, does not exist! Ah, the lengths men go to make girls jealous.

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