Friday, February 5

Sen. Pia Cayetano talks about life, motherhood, challenges, and triathlons!

Today’s Game Uber was a test of stamina, as four of the housemates were made to take part in a triathlon. By definition, a triathlon is an athletic contest in which participants compete in three successive events: usually swimming, biking and running. Mariel and Tibo partnered up, as did Melisa and Paul Jake. Jason and Johan were excused, as they were doing a special task in House B. The remaining housemates had to swim laps in the pool, stopping every couple of laps to retrieve a puzzle piece and put it on their team’s easel. After drying up, they had to wear biking clothes over their swimsuits and rush to the stationary bike. They had to sing the PBB theme song, which they were supposed to have memorized earlier, as they pedaled. Afterwards, they changed into hero costumes and had to run 15 laps around the pool’s perimeter. They were allowed to take breaks, but they dared not, since the team with the best time would be hailed victor.

Another VIP dropped by today, and she stayed the whole day sharing stories with the housemates. Senator Pia Cayetano, herself a known triathlete, took time to visit with the four housemates. Melisa, the natural chatterbox, was unusually quiet in her presence. To ease the tension, Sen.Pia spoke to her in Visayan, and would have easily conversed like so to the four Visayans except she also had to follow Kuya’s reminders on language. She was surprisingly updated with the goings-on inside the house, lauding the endurance test that boosted Melisa to Big 5 status. Though an advocate of women’s issues, she clarified that it did not mean women were above men; rather, what she fought for was equal opportunities for all. As such, she also gave appropriate congratulations to Tibo and Paul Jake in the said task. To Mariel, she spoke of the nobility of motherhood, and the responsibility she has towards rearing her child in the best way possible. Touched, Mariel promised to make it up to her baby boy when she gets the chance. Her sharing was not limited to triathlons or politics, as she spoke of life in general. She likened the triathlon to life: how one needs to plan ahead, to prepare for challenges, to seek inspiration, to pace one’s self, to have presence of mind, to breathe. Hopefully, these life lessons would stay with the housemates long after.

The senator in pink also joined the housemates in their triathlon, not as a contestant but an excited spectator. She cheered the housemates on and gave tips every now and then. The housemates did their virgin triathlon in this order: Melisa, Mariel, Paul Jake and Tibo. Melisa dove in and forgot that she had to complete the puzzle, so Kuya had to make her start over in the middle of her third lap. Luckily, Kuya reset the clock, granting leeway for being the first. For most, the hardest part of the whole ordeal was having to recall the lyrics of the PBB theme song, “Pinoy Ako”. Will they have this down pat by the Big Night?

There are only 9 days left until the Big Night, and still the surprises keep on coming! Who will win the new house and lot? Two housemates competed for this, being made to endure the “white room”. The mental survival challenge would surely push them to the limits, so watch out for the new owner of the gorgeous new townhouse!

For Melason fans (and even those who aren’t, actually), the ongoing push-and-pull of this couple’s relationship has been enough reason to watch the updates. Who sent Melisa the chocolates? How did the Melisa-Roy confrontation end? Did Melisa get clear answers to their cellphone break-up? How did Jason’s tagayan session with Roy go? Watch the full story tonight, on PBB Double Up Primetime!

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