Friday, February 12

4, 3, 2 days to go before the Big Night!

Kuya has started on the Big 5’s transition to the outside world. After being cooped up for so long, the housemates had but memories of their loved ones to hang on to. Part of Kuya’s house rules was that news about the outside world was a big no-no. Last night, though, they got anonymous news flashes on the plasma screen, and it was just the beginning. They groped their way out of a gigantic maze, to be welcomed by the warm hugs of their loved ones!

As the housemates regain bits of life outside Kuya’s house, let’s indulge ourselves in a sneak peek into it as well. Trivia tidbits are back, giving you trivia worth three days of waiting.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 days?

Just 4 days left…

Tidbit #4: Rob may look like a party boy or carry the experience of a military man, but guess what shows his TV’s remote clicks to? Documentaries! Intellectual much?

Tidbit #3: Far as they may be, Kath and Jimson are true Pinoys at heart. Even the way they named their baby is so Pinoy! John Jedre’s name traces its roots to his closest male relatives: the J in his name comes from his dad’s name, “Ed” from his paternal lolo and “Re” from his maternal grandfather.

Tidbit #2: Tibo’s celeb pick is not based on looks alone. If he could be a celebrity for a day, he’d like to be Piolo Pascual, because his success was due to his determination and persistence. So Papa Tibs, don’t you think?

Tidbit #1: Since leaving the PBB house, Patria has visited most of the ex-housemates houses (some even many times over). She’s the one who remembers to text the rest which is great, if only she doesn’t demand a call in reply!

And 3 days left…

Tidbit #3: Like the regal woman that she is, Mariel spent her “lock-in period” (the time before the housemates were actually sent inside the PBB house) lounging in the bathtub.

Tidbit #2: Jason’s ideal woman doesn’t have to be extremely pretty, as long as she’s hygienic, smells good, and isn’t pimply. Think Melisa fits the bill?

Tidbit #1: Jimson would jump at the opportunity to shower Kath with nice things. His most expensive gift to her was a ring worth over 200 euros, which he have on their second anniversary.

Now, 2 days left before the big, big date!

Tidbit #2: Remember when she couldn’t believe Jason could like her over Mariel? Melisa had some hang-ups about her looks. If surgical enhancement was an option she’d like to have her “flat tire” nose and teeth fixed.

Tidbit #1: Not even hot housemates can get away from childhood nicknames. Wouldn’t you know it, the aggressive Princess also answers to “Puddingchan” and “Petra”!

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