Tuesday, February 9

The boys play dress-up1

Now that she’s out of Kuya’s house, ex-housemate Mariel had to come to terms with the fact that not only was she out of the running for the top slots, but that she was the house’s last evictee of the season. She couldn’t help showing her dismay. “Isang step nalang pala,” she sighed on Uber. She was fine with her fate, though, and was able to look back on her experience with fondness. Her most memorable experience was her special Christmas gift: a visit with her baby boy, Asher. Like so many, she also was rooting for Melisa as Big Winner. Primarily because they were both Visayan, the last two girls did not find it that difficult to relate to each other. Melisa’s easy-going nature and ability to bring happiness along also were plus points.
The day before the final eviction (which turned out to be Mariel’s despidida of sorts), Kuya treated the housemates to a drinking session by the pool. No frills, just simple finger food and a single bottle of beer. Melisa was urged on by the others to ask Kuya for more alcohol. Kuya’s response was reminiscent of the prankster Big Utol. They got their request, all right, except all the bottles were empty!

Even renowned broadcaster Ms. Korina Sanchez, moderator of the Big Debate, was not immune to Kuya’s charms. During the debate, Ms. Korina took a few moments to get used to Kuya’s booming voice addressing her at random times. She also could not deny him his request of dancing along the housemates. Led by Melisa, she shimmied along to the strains of the pop song “Nobody But You”.

Few as they are, the five housemates were make use of both PBB houses. Melisa and Tibo were billeted in House A, while the remaining three boys were together in House B. The housemates passed the time in different ways: Melai caught up on her sleep, Tibo cleaned house, and the three boys worked out. Jason, Johan, and Paul Jake did not have to wait long for another game. Tibo and Melai served as the day’s judges, while the three had to show their acting and dance prowess. There was a box of costumes in the living room and three baskets containing varied personas. Each guy had to dress, act and dance according to the character they picked.

Johan (aka “Bruno”) was a sexy girl robot, so he replaced his shirt with a bra and donned a long-haired wig. He kept the others laughing with his sexy girl dance to the tune of “Pinoy Ako”. Paul Jake (aka “Lolo Berting”) was next, and had to portray an old man harish. The others coached him on how to best dance in character, given only a staff and spectacles as his outfit. Kuya had Johan join him in an encore, both dancing with gusto. Jason (aka “Fiona”) brought up the rear as a manananggal, a folk being. He couldn’t help but ask why he always seemed to end up as such, but he suited up anyway. Wearing the wings, fangs, and a bra, he had to dance as a sexy dancer. So awkward were his moves that Kuya likened him to a grasshopper, but fortunately, his performance was accepted. Judging followed right after, with the three being given time to plead their case to the watching judges.

Watch the commentaries of Kuya’s Panel on the Big Debate. What do these esteemed panelists have to say about the Big 5’s responses? Also, don’t miss out on Jason’s major admission of his heart’s desire, with a complete brass band backing him up. Those and more tonight, on PBB Double Up Primetime!

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