Saturday, February 13

The Big Truths about The Big Five!

What could be a better way for the housemates to spend the last night inside the Big Brother house than playing and enjoying the moment itself? Hmm, let's see. Maybe a visit from the local King of Talk, prodding some truths out of their mouths?
Maybe that wasn't what the Big Five had in mind earlier tonight but when Big Brother announced to them that Boy Abunda himself was stepping into the house to have a a face-off with them... well, they couldn't say no, could they?

So up they were unto that little stage in the living room where one by one they faced Tito Boy who pried them with his quickly-thrown riveting questions for five minutes. Paul Jake was first to be grilled, ending up with the most controversial question of the night: "Did you do drugs when you were younger?" Of course, Paul Jake, being as straightforward as he usually is, did not even make a double take in replying with a yes. But he was cut off by the time limit so he wasn't able to explain himself immediately; it was only right before Jason's turn that he was able to voice his reasons of "peer pressure" and "function of age," as Boy tagged it.

The next one on the hot seat was Tibo, who was directly asked by Boy to explain his saint-like portrayal of a housemate inside the house. Tibo was as honest and sincere in explaining that he was not trying hard to be perfect, but was just being his true self in dealing with his housemates. But Boy pressed on, asking him to cite one wrong thing about him in which the former was able to juice out the fact that Tibo once made an unlikely turn during his marriage. At least, like Paul Jake, Tibo told the truth. Meanwhile, their conversation rounded up to him also sharing that it was during his stay inside the Big Brother house that he has learned to forgive his father, whom he's have had a bad relationship with.

Johan was third to undergo Tito Boy's grilling session, and whoa, Tito Boy didn't even tiptoe around the "gay issue." He asked Johan straightforwardly to confirm the ongoing gossips about him receiving Php50,000-worth of cheque from homosexuals back when he still worked as a waiter. At first, Johan was a tad hesistant to actually admit it, especially when he seemed to have gotten on the wrong foot on struggling to explain about him wanting to have a relationship with a homo, but eventually did so. However, before anybody could mull over this, Tito Boy already jumped to the next big question that was in relation to Johan's love interest, Cathy. "Would you still pursue Cathy?" was what Tito Boy asked which Johan nodded to.

The fourth one to face Tito Boy was Jason. The highlights of their face-off was when one, he was asked about which side of him was the real Jason... was it the tougher one or was it the softer one? "Mas malamang ang malambot (The softer one weighs more)," was his brief but heavy answer. The other highlight was about him choosing his "tropa" Paul Jake and semi-girlfriend Melai to be the ones he'd suggest people to vote for as the Big Winner.

Speaking of the Big Winner, will Melai's vomit of words during her encounter with Tito Boy take her to that victory? Maybe so, now that she's admitted to not being really insecure about her beauty. "Love ko naman ang sarili ko (I do love myself)," she said assuringly. And this only intensified when Tito Boy pulled out his legendary imaginary magical mirror! Melai was on a roll in speaking to herself: "Melisa, ang ganda mo. Kaya mo yan, pinakita mo ang girl power, you're so very amazing (Melisa, you're so beautiful. You can do it, you have shown girl power, you're so very amazing)!" With that, you still think she's insecure?

Just a few more hours and it will be the Big Night everyone around the world (literally!) has been waiting for! Show your love by keeping those votes for your Big Winner coming in!

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