Saturday, February 13

Last Game Uber!

The Big Night is just one sleep away, yet the housemates don’t seem flustered at all. Maybe it’s because they’ve been there and done that. Maybe it’s because they feel like champs already. Maybe it’s because they do realize it’s the end and they’d rather take their own sweet time to finally breathe in every moment left of their being housemates.

They indulged in their last Game Uber as housemates. Entitled “Blow-hibo”, it was a simple, feel-good game joined by Johan, Paul Jake and TIbo. Each was given a feather which they had to blow to move it from starting line to finish line. The race route went around the living room, and the housemate to finish three trips first, wins. Paul Jake was first to cross the line in their first round, with the other two boys protesting his winning. Their banter was all in fun, though. They were just three rowdy boys scrambling around and over each other, finding more fun in the romp than being pronounced victor.

The same crazy antics held true for all the activities of the Big 5. Able to breathe easy knowing they were all safe, they just made the most of each moment and found reason to take everything in stride. From their pictorial to their High 5 Concert, they managed to keep an easy smile on their faces. The C4 boys practiced their act with mops as mic stands, while Melisa opted to just throw her Lady Gaga wig altogether after it fell during rehearsals.
Will they be able to stay cool when they come face to face with Mr. Boy Abunda? He’s not called the King of Talk for nothing. Watch as the Big 5 get confronted with hard-hitting issues that will truly strip them down to their genuine selves. Who can hold his/her own, and who will stumble over words? How will their Q & A affect their Big 5 standing? Make sure you’re glued to your TV tonight. Don’t miss “The Big Truth” on PBB Double Up Primetime!

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