Thursday, February 11

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Johan and Jason were the last to know about the big news, and in true PBB fashion, the revelation was nothing less than a big splash – literally! The two were blindfolded and positioned at the edge of the pool, guided by the three remaining housemates. Up to this point, they were still apprehensive as to who will leave the house last. Kuya explained that the housemate who would fall in the pool would be part of the Big Night, and at Kuya’s signal, Johan and Jason took off their blindfolds and were both pushed into the waiting pool by the giggling three. No frowns on anyone, now. All welcome the season’s Big 5!

Down times were many and the housemates to share it with, drastically diminished. Jason passed the time with minor pranks, like sneaking his legendary feet into Paul Jake’s corner. No matter how many times Paul Jake told him off, Jason kept twiddling his toes around Paul Jake’s feet, which eventually earned him some warning punches. He also snuck into House A while Tibo and Melai were in the middle of a hide-and-seek game. Confident on her sharp “woman’s instinct”, Melai instantly noticed an extra warm body and shuffling around her. She almost caught Tibo, but Jason confused her. No matter, Melai still found her man in the end.

Cleaning house was not Tibo’s only way of passing time, after all. He’s also fond of breaking into song at random alone times and talking to himself. Seems like Papa Tibs has all the means to amuse himself within reach, huh? Maybe it’s to warm him up for Saturday night!

Uber live on V-Day’s eve is the Big Date on the Big Night! Rehearsals are ongoing within Kuya’s house. The still complete C4 boys prepared for their production number, as did Melason. Tibo busted a move while Johan and Paul Jake practiced their lines. Melai and Jason munched on chips while singing along to “You Are the One”. Just a few more days, and it’ll be hello Big 5, hello outside world!

Meanwhile, keep those votes coming! Text BBS and send it to 2331 for Globe, TM, Sun Cellular and Bayan Wireless Landline, or 231 for Smart and Talk n Text. Cheer up your special someone with a Valentine’s MMS greeting featuring your fave housemates! See the full list by texting KGREET PBB to 2366. Of course, don’t miss out on the Big Kapamilya Challenge tonight on Primetime, where the housemates will battle it out for another big prize with a loved one.

The Big 5 has been revealed, but in what order? Standings show Paul jake at the top, but will he be able to keep his post? Tomorrow’s Big 5 concert, Friday’s Big Truth with Boy Abunda, Saturday’s Big Date/Big Night and Sunday’s Big Reunion assure you a jam-packed, fun-filled weekend!

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