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The Big 5’s Big Debate!

Melisa and Tibo shared a quiet dinner together, as did Jason, Johan and Paul Jake in the other house. The quiet was a momentary respite, probably to settle them in preparation for the night’s live face-off. It wasn’t long before the Big 5 were reunited and were made to approach their individual podiums in the garden area. As if the set was not disconcerting enough, the five housemates still found reason to laugh at their headshots which were directly behind them. The moment renowned broadcaster Ms. Korina Sanchez entered, though, all talk ceased. It’s game time.

Since the first season of Pinoy Big Brother, the Big Debate has been an event to look forward to. It has been a good source of reasons to aid the viewers in choosing a deserving Big Winner. For tonight, Ms. Korina Sanchez served as their moderator. She presented five propositions, with each housemate being given a specific time to answer. The buzzer sound signified the end of their time, and they had to vut their responses then. She reminded the housemates to take the debate seriously, as this would weigh heavily on how the viewers would perceive them, and in effect, may make or break the percentage of votes.

Proposition #1: Why do you deserve to be hailed as the season’s Big Winner? For the first question, they were given a full minute to answer, though all were too tongue-tied to make full use of their time.

Paul Jake started by saying that he believed he had been able to stay true to himself. Inside and outside of Kuya’s house, people would find him the same. He entered the house determined to win, and with the same determination, he hopes to see it through. Talking fast, Melisa reasoned that she remained true to herself as well. She took pride in whoever she was, and it was because of this that she was able to surpass the challenges posed her. She worked hard to get to this point, and still believed in dreaming big. Tibo was next, and he shared that he let his true self be known, and despite the setbacks that his age brought, he was able to hold his own in the various tasks. Jason took his sweet time trying to search for the right words. He explained that although he was often quiet and a prankster, he was sincere. Whatever he says and does, he does so whole-heartedly. The last one in line, Johan prided himself in being real and staying strong. He did not find the need to change himself to be liked, and faced the trials head-on.

Proposition #2: Who among the remaining housemates does not need to be the Big Winner? For this, they were given 30 seconds to answer and, after all have stated their responses, another 30 seconds for rebuttal.

Melisa and Johan chose Paul Jake, with the reason that he was already well-off and would not appreciate the prize as much as the others. The remaining three chose Johan, stating that he alreasy achieved his dream by winning the house and lot in the endurance game. Likewise, the three also were united in contesting Melisa and Johan’s choice. Paul Jake defended himself by sharing that they all went in PBB as equals, leaving everything behind and bringing only themselves. Jason backed this up by saying that they all went through the hassle of auditioning, they all faced the same challenges. In short, they all were equals. Tibo reasoned that Paul Jake also worked hard at the game and, with the new house, Johan has already achieved his dream at a young age. Melisa stuck by her initial choice, saying that Johan still would need money. Johan, in turn, defended himself by saying they all had equal chances in winning the house. He was just lucky to win it, and it was not enough reason to make him undeserving of the top spot.

For the third question, they were only given 30 seconds to speak. Proposition #3: Who among the housemates is not being true to himself/herself?

Tibo and Paul Jake both voted for Jason, though for different reasons. Tibo reasoned that it was because Jason gave up his dream house, even if he really wanted it. Paul Jake was quite positive, sharing that the “astig” Jason was just a front; in truth, he was a soft-hearted guy. Whether because he wanted to get back at him or not, Jason opted for Tibo, because he did not understand on which side Tibo was on. Johan and Melai voted likewise. Johan reasoned that Tibo would give advices that he himself failed to follow, while Melai believed he should have fought for his spot in the Big 4, instead of putting himself down.

Proposition #4: Who among the housemates did the most shameful actions?

Jason again turned against Tibo, because though he says things should be done without hurting others, he also causes hurt to the other housemates. Paul Jake was reminded of Melai’s loss of control over her words and actions while she was drunk, thus choosing her. Johan, Tibo and Melai had one answer: Jason. Johan and Tibo reasoned that Jason’s disregard for instructions eventually cause the team’s loss. He also regretted his actions too late, and caused his housemates to suffer the consequences of his actions on several occasions. Melai’s reasons were more personal. She felt that his habit of touching himself in places, his exposure of his bottom, and his stinky feet were shameful enough.

The last proposition gave the housemates another full minute to respond. Proposition #5: What is your most significant contribution inside the house?

Johan interpreted the question in general. He stated the group’s involvement in charity work and environmental concerns to be his signifivant contribution. Paul Jake believed his supposed arrogance, if not misinterpreted, could be viewed as a good thing. Because of his optinism, believing that they can see things through, they all were motivated to be positive thinkers. Melisa prided herself in her ability to give joy to the group. She also rejected negative vibes and pushed the belief that they should enjoy and find reason to laugh. Tibo’s constant belief in Big Brother was something that he believed made a difference. Another thing is his treatment of his housemates. His service to his housemates, such as making sure he kept the house clean and prepared food, was fruit of his treating them as family. Despite the hurtful comments, he chose to stay patient and understanding instead of taking offense. Most of all, he took pride in being able to teach Johan how to pray. Jason’s reasons were simple. His simplicity and genuine friendship were some f his reasons. He also could not restrain himself from sharing that he gave up his dream house for Johan, who appeared as though he was in more need of it.

With that, the Big Debate came to a close. The Big 5 were not as drained as expected, keeping their spirits high with each other’s company and quick wit. They even had time to hang out with the esteemed Ms. Korina Sanchez (who was quite updated with their misadventures, it seemed).

Maui Taylor, Chico Garcia, Dimples Romana, Dr. Aguilar-Placido and Direk Wenn Deramas compose Kuya’s Panel, who watchedthe debate from the confession room and whose opinions would help support the opinions of every Kapamilya. Direk Wenn stated that, among all, Paul Jake was the one who gave intellectual answers. What say the others? Don’t miss tomorrow’s Primetime episode and eavesdrop on the comments of Kuya’s Panel!

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Anonymous,  February 9, 2010 at 7:55 AM  

Congratulation Paul Jake you showed your true self and you answered the questions straight forward and you desrved to be the Big Winner.. Continue voting for Paul Jake.

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