Tuesday, February 9

5 days to go? Believe it!

With the Big 5 complete, all can breathe easier knowing that their fave housemates have a sure place already. This does not mean, though, that they can be idle inside Kuya’s house, nor does it mean all that’s left to do is sit and wait. On the contrary, every day brings a big event!
Tidbit #5: Tom won an Itchyworms cd for jamming with them one time. Who would have thought that he would be doing a repeat performance on national TV? Ah, the perks of being a PBB housemate!

Tidbit #4: Always the subdued one, Carol experimented on her “wild” side inside the PBB house. Don’t get fooled; those happened with her consent and not because she was just swept along. Now that she had tried both extremes, she’s ready to pick the best and do things in moderation.

Tidbit #3: One of Patrick’s regrets was not being able to be part of the housemates’ concert. This conservative banker actually has a passion for music and would have loved to perform on stage. Would he have his chance on the Big Night?

Tidbit #2: Rob’s constant expression of “Are you serious?” was just coined inside the house. Being isolated together for so long gave the housemates unique shared experiences that would inevitably be a part of them as well.

Tidbit #1: Melisa remains one of the strongest contenders for the Big Winner title. She didn’t really aspire for this, and wouldn’t even have stepped inside the PBB auditions if her friends didn’t blackmail her into at least trying. Guess who owes a bunch of friends a great, big libre when she goes out?

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